September 18, 2017 – 3:56 pm EST | No Comment

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | 80 people were arrested during a third night of rioting in downtown St. Louis, following outrage over a white police officer being acquitted in the shooting death of a black man. A man who was fleeing said officer. Officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the killing of a 24 year-old […]

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McCain’s Rant Empowers Even the ‘Hobbits’ Among Us
July 28, 2011 – 1:34 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Dave Perkins Tea Party Tribune Wednesday, John McCain took to the podium to complain about conservatives … Again. If I might borrow the nomenclature of Professor Codevilla, it was a marvelous illustration of the contempt in which the “country class” is held by the “ruling class.” I have a hard time deciding which […]

A strange, McMean little man
July 28, 2011 – 12:15 pm EST | One Comment

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King The Radio Patriot HOBBIT Home Anyone out there think John McCain is a strange, nasty little old man? I absolutely HATED casting my vote for him in 2008, but I HATED voting for Obama more, so what choice was left for me? For all of us? We clothes pinned our […]

Pat Condell on the Norwegian Mass Murderer
July 28, 2011 – 8:56 am EST | 9 Comments

Pat Condell says pretty much everything that needs to be said about this atrocity.

Hey, Mr. President, ‘Where’s the Plan?’
July 27, 2011 – 4:49 pm EST | 5 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Jason Ivey Big Government Back in the 80s, Wendy’s, the fast-food giant, ran a very successful ad campaign known as “Where’s the beef?”… Perhaps the Republicans should revise the famous line for an ad campaign and call it “Where’s the plan?” Obama has spent his entire presidency talking about “his plan” while denigrating […]

An Open Letter to All Patriots
July 27, 2011 – 3:42 pm EST | 2 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Benjamin Smith The Tea Party Tribune I want to introduce you guys to someone who has changed my life — in crazy ways, great ways and tormenting ways — but all for the better. Her name is Debbie Lee and her son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq […]

Watcher’s Council Nominations – Summer Madness Edition
July 27, 2011 – 1:52 pm EST | No Comment

From: The Watcher’s Council An interesting week we’ve had! As a friend of mine puts it, tanning in the Apocalypse. Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two […]

Conservatives: Need to Change Perception NOW
July 26, 2011 – 8:11 pm EST | 5 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Deanna M. Murray Tea Party Tribune “Wait a second, you’re a singer. You’re a journalist AND you’re a conservative,” he said, rather surprised. “Yeah … is that wrong?” I said. “No, it’s just unexpected … and rare,” he responded. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately. This is a blessing and […]

Czech President Vaclav Klaus, National Press Club Canberra – Attacks “Climate Change” Scam
July 26, 2011 – 7:28 pm EST | 7 Comments

“What is in danger? Climate or freedom?” Thanks to Rosie.

Brazil – China, Build Relationship
July 26, 2011 – 7:04 pm EST | No Comment
Brazil – China, Build Relationship

From the Communist Party of China, International Department website: A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said on Thursday the CPC is ready to enhance exchanges with parties of Brazil’s 10-party ruling coalition and to jointly advance relations between the two countries. Wang Lequan, a member of the Political Bureau of the […]

China, Iran Cosy Up
July 26, 2011 – 6:30 pm EST | 2 Comments
China, Iran Cosy Up

From the Communist Party of China International Department website: China and Iran on Saturday signed several agreements on infrastructure and trade cooperation, a fact further testifying to the already strong political and economic ties between the two countries. He Guoqiang, a senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) who is currently on a […]

California’s Jerry Brown Passes “Dream Act”
July 26, 2011 – 3:59 pm EST | No Comment

NoisyRoom By: AJ California Governor Jerry Brown said, “At the end of the day, if we’re going to continue as a powerful, equal-opportunity society, we’re going to have to invest in our people.” Here’s the problem… Jerry’s not investing in those who enter our country and live in California illegally; he’s taking money from American […]

Tea Party Crashes Orgy
July 26, 2011 – 2:35 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Kevin Jackson The Black Sphere The Tea Party fits in Washington like nuns at a swingers’ convention. The fiscal orgy at Club Fed just can’t continue unless the Tea Party gets the hell out. Unfortunately for Obama, we just won’t leave. How could we? We can’t afford to refuel our corporate jets. So […]

Rep. Allen West Says ‘Marxist,’ Now Who Else Will Tell the Truth?
July 26, 2011 – 11:39 am EST | 2 Comments

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound Big Government Lost in the blow-up between Representatives West and Wasserman Schultz is that only two days earlier, Allen West said something much more significant and more massively belligerent — about Barack Obama — something the left would prefer drowned out. Must we “know the enemy” or is it enough […]

What Will China Do?
July 25, 2011 – 11:16 pm EST | 4 Comments
What Will China Do?

Jeff Nyquist is one of the few commentators writing today who understands China and the significance of Beijing’s ongoing commitment to Marxism-Leninism. Most viewers look at China’s emphasis on business and wealth creation and falsely conclude that china is abandoning communism for capitalism. As Nyquist rightly points out, Marxist-Leninists have always acknowledged the productive capabilities […]

Are You a “Sheepdog?”
July 25, 2011 – 9:06 pm EST | 4 Comments

As a New Zealander I know a little about sheepdogs. Nutnfancy tells us; At the heart of what I have referred to as The Sheepdog is a selflessness that looks outwardly to the needs of others. They cannot abide watching their fellow humans beings suffer and die while they do nothing. They are compelled into […]

Moral Compass Set on Haywire! Cynthia McKinney in Iran
July 25, 2011 – 8:25 pm EST | 3 Comments

Far left former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney condemns warmongering America, while snuggling up to the cuddly Iranians.

Barnhardt weighs in – Red Alert
July 24, 2011 – 8:34 pm EST | 3 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Andrea Shea King The Radio Patriot Earlier today I sent out a blast email detailing the info below. Ann Barnhardt, our Annie Oakley-Joan of Arc has posted it at her site too. I’d send you there, but Ann doesn’t use permalinks on her website. Instead, she encourages her readers to copy, paste and […]

Understanding the UN Persecution of Israel
July 24, 2011 – 8:20 pm EST | 3 Comments

Excellent video. Must view.

Allen West: First Principles for National Security
July 24, 2011 – 7:20 pm EST | 8 Comments

In terms of national security, Allen West is head and shoulders above his peers in the US Congress.

Super Congress: Echoes of Tyranny Rising
July 24, 2011 – 7:11 pm EST | 5 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton And now for something completely the same… In the “those who won’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it” department, I give you a quote from the National Center for Constitutional Studies: America’s Founders had just declared themselves free of a tyrannical government. They were determined that such tyranny would […]

What Next? The Communist Party Wants You to Eat Cultured “Meat”
July 24, 2011 – 6:10 pm EST | 6 Comments
What Next? The Communist Party Wants You to Eat Cultured “Meat”

Communist Party USA member Tom Riggins writes in the latest Peoples World I think we all know, or should know, that there is something wrong with killing animals for their meat. Modern science has shown that animals have both sentience and consciousness, feel pain and experience an emotional life. From insects to us there is […]

D.C. is Booming – Obama’s Government is Growing
July 23, 2011 – 9:21 pm EST | 7 Comments

NoisyRoom By: AJ A brand new 32,000 square foot administrative office for the Department of Parks and Recreation is made possible by Americans through our tax dollars. A beautiful picture of it can be found HERE, cleverly called a “Community Center,” offering some recreational space. Description: New four-story building, which includes recreational space and administrative […]

Sen. Rubio Challenges President & Senate Democrats On “Cut, Cap & Balance”
July 23, 2011 – 2:16 am EST | 11 Comments

Excellent speech from Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Entering Police State (for your own good)
July 22, 2011 – 5:46 pm EST | 4 Comments

NoisyRoom By: T F Stern T F Stern’s Rantings There’s a story out of New York by Taylor Hatmaker, Secret Service raids Apple store artist for snapping 1000 spy photos, that caught my attention the other day. The secondary title was a bit more accurate, “A young digital artist secretly recorded shoppers peering into computers […]

The Reasonableness of Bill O’Reilly
July 22, 2011 – 4:53 pm EST | 8 Comments

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton I tuned into Fox News this morning just in time to catch Bill O’Reilly calling the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives “unreasonable” for not striking a compromise with the Left over the debt ceiling. Really Bill? You really want to go there, fine… Let’s dance. How is it ‘unreasonable’ to want […]

The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results 07/22/11
July 22, 2011 – 1:34 pm EST | No Comment

From: The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week. Oddly enough, both the Council and non-Council winners this week dealt with the same subject, the mainstreaming and legitimizing of Antisemitism. This week’s winner, Simply Jews for The Labor Of Hate dealt with how […]