Conservatives Must MOVE ON From Kavanaugh

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

The solution to the Kavanaugh mess is simple: withdraw Kavanaugh and nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Journalist Cliff Kincaid and commentator and author Dr. Tina Trent discuss the validity of the sex scandal charges against Judge Kavanaugh and how the nation can MOVE ON with a new nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has a stellar reputation and a record more conservative than that of Kavanaugh.


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3 thoughts on “Conservatives Must MOVE ON From Kavanaugh

  1. only thing is, i read the name of the commmittee already formed to keep her from confirmation. this will NOT stop its about hating Trump period end of subject. Then its about Abortion period end of subject. I a sick of women, what rights are they missing. They have the same ones i do. I wasn’t even a Trumper but changed my mind . I can only pray this will all backfire on the left, w the FBI coming aboard, i wonder will Feinsteins ofc be investigated for the leak? Now they slam him about his actions saying he doesn’t have the temperment, WHAT WOUOLD THEY DO IF THEY WRE IN THE FIGHT OF THEIR LIVES because that is exactly what he is doing, fighting for his life, and for his Familys future.

  2. barrett should be “plan B” if Kavanaugh is not confirmed.

    and she is most likely the lead candidate for ginsburgs replacement

    if you think this set of hearings is a circus, just wait.

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