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SEIU’s Lerner Calls for Mass Action to Create “Crisis”

The SEIU’s Stephen Lerner calls for a mass escalation of protests, strikes and civil disobedience to create crisis and revolution. In April, Lerner wrote in…

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Obama and Marxists March in Unison on Immigration

The communists and socialists have long wanted to remove all barriers to immigration into the United States, and their man Barack Obama wants to help….

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The Svart New Face of US Socialism

The U.S.’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, has a new National director – Maria Svart. At 31 years-old, Brooklyn resident Svart, is probably the…

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SEIU Plans to Infiltrate Republican Party to Defeat Tea Party

By: Janet Smiles Gulag Bound Reported at SEIU On California’s Conservatives: ‘If we can’t get them out, we’ll breed them out.’ There is a…

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VIDEO: AFL-CIO Leader Admits To ‘Intercepting’ Emails In Dispute With Costa Mesa City Council Bernardino ”GATE”

Big Government by: Ari David A recurring theme at the California Democrat Convention in Sacramento two weeks ago was the idea that the full weight…

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