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The Council Has Spoken!!

From: The Watcher’s Council The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week, carved eternally in tablets…

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Red Reps 7 Clem Smith: Communist Party Sympathizer in the Missouri State Legislature

Red Reps 6 here For several years, the Missouri/Kansas branch of the Communist Party USA has been infiltrating sympathizers into the Missouri State Legislature. The…

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Jim Wallis: Paul Ryan a Bully & Hypocrite, Never Been Around Poor People, Has No Courage

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews Spoken like a true Marxist. Jim Wallis is not a genuine man of the cloth. He is a progressive, collectivist who wants…

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Soros, Piven and SEIU Working to Destroy Americas Financial System to Create Revolution

NoisyRoom From: NakedEmperorNews

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Red BRICS: “International Financial System Must Be Reformed”

Of the five countries listed below, four, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and China are led by current, or former communists – in the case of…

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The Globalists’ Takeover of America: Part 2 – De-Industrialize America

By AJ at NoisyRoom Entice large American corporations into the UN Global Compact and the de-industrialization of America becomes a reality in short order. A…

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Terrorist Mark Rudd’s Warning on the Destruction of America’s Defenses

President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are using U.S. economic problems (which they partially created) to sell Americans on the need to cut defense…

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Communist Party’s “Friend” Barack Obama, Calls for Tax Hikes , Reduced Military Spending

The Communist Party USA approvingly reports that their   claimed “friend’” Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on the rich and cut military spending. From the…

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Congressional Progressive Caucus Socialists Propose Alternative “People’s Budget”

The Congressional Progressive Caucus has issued an alternative budget calling for increased public spending, a “green economy”, defense cuts  and significant tax hikes, in order…

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April 13th – Day of Action Video (Revolting Teachers)

Nice little propaganda video from California teachers and activists on the April 13 “Day of Action”. Note to the references to Middle Eastern and European…

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The Globalists’ Takeover of America: Part 1 – Collapse the Economy

By AJ at NoisyRoom Obama, George Soros, the United Nations (UN) and the global elites (Democrats, Union leaders and some Republicans) are accelerating their plan…

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Watchers Council Nominations – ‘Hey, What’s A Few Billions Between Friends?’ Edition

From: The Watcher’s Council Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere and the…

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Socialist Opinion Shapers 2, Harold Meyerson, Propagandist and Obama Enabler

I have contended for some time that President Barack Obama owes his political career to three Marxist organizations, Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for…

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Egypt Shows Us “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

According to Australian based Marxist journal LINKS, on Friday, April 8 one of the largest protests in Egypt since the ouster of Mubarak took place….

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Socialist International Statement on Arab Revolutions

The Marxists of the Socialist International are backing the revolutionary wave sweeping North Africa and the Middle East. From a statement issued after a Socialist…

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