3 thoughts on “Moral Compass Set on Haywire! Cynthia McKinney in Iran

  1. Revoke her passport and all visas, while out of the country, deny her re-entry, and declare her an “enemy combatant”. This POS is searching for relevance, and she has none.

  2. I think this woman is dillusional, hearing voices and needs to be in a phyc ward. If she wants desent maybe she could move to Iran and even get lucky enough to be raped and stoned. Here in America, we want peace. That’s why we fight againSt desent. She could even marry a muslem and cover herself from head to toe and walk 3 feet behind her husband. If that’s not enough desent for her, then she’d probably like being slapped around abit to. That’s about as desenting as it can get. I suggusr she look up the defionition of desent before teaching it to anyone else that is as ignorant as she is. She definitely needs Jesus to fill the void in her life. She is looking in all the wrong places. Is she a friend of obummer? Now that’s racist.

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