Democrat Beats Democrat in New York Election

By: Cliff Kincaid

With a narrow majority, House Republicans voted to expel one of their own members and then lost a special election for that vacant seat in New York on Tuesday to a Biden-supporting Democrat. But it turns out the “Republican opponent” was also a Democrat.

This is another example of how the “Stupid Party” loses winnable elections.

This is also what happens when the Republican party subcontracts its candidate selection process to the New York Post and Fox News. It’s another indication that the Republican Party is headed for obliteration if it runs away from its reliable base of Trump supporters and runs fake Republicans or RINOs for office.

Conservatives are not fooled. They do not depend on the establishment “conservative” media for news and information anymore. 

The New York Post and Fox News candidate, “Republican” Mazi Pilip, was a liberal black woman and registered Democrat who attacked Trump and ran on a pro-abortion platform, mimicking her opponent, Democrat Tom Suozzi. Pilip lost by over seven points.

Public records uncovered by Politico showed Pilip has been enrolled as a Democrat since 2012, the publication said.

Both Pilip and Joe Cairo, the [Nassau] county’s GOP chair, did not respond to numerous requests for comment, including through allies.” But the Nassau County Board of Elections spokesperson called on Pilip’s behalf and “confirmed she is an enrolled Democrat,” the publication reported.

So if she had won, would she have been expelled as well for falsely claiming to be a Republican?

President Trump is correct that MAGA voters stayed home in this race.

“Republicans just don’t learn,” said Trump, “but maybe she was still a Democrat?” He called Pilip a “very foolish woman” who tried to “straddle the fence” on many issues, including whether she would support Trump. He added, “MAGA, WHICH IS MOST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, STAYED HOME…”

Establishment Republicans supported her because they were trying to act and look like Democrats, emphasizing ethnicity and background rather than conservative policy positions.

When she announced for the seat, she declared, “I’m a black, Jewish woman & I’m not afraid to tell you that I am 100% Pro-Law Enforcement, Pro-Border security, and Pro-Family. Democrats & the liberal media have spent years saying the GOP will never support someone of my ethnicity & my creed.”

So the Republican Party and the New York Post opted for a candidate who embodied DEI and lost the seat.

The New York Post “heartily” endorsed Pilip, warning, “A Dem win here would narrow the GOP’s already razor-thin House majority, empowering a party committed to bad and dangerous ideas.”

The paper is clearly a bad judge of character and elections in its own backyard, in this case, the February 13th special election for Congress in Nassau County, New York. It should concentrate on its coverage of Taylor Swift.

With this loss, Republicans gave the seat of Republican George Santos to the Democrats and jeopardized their ability to get anything done.

In an unprecedented move, Santos had been expelled for lying about his background.

House Republicans just impeached Homeland Secretary Mayorkas for lying to Congress about a ‘secure” border. The Senate will not convict him. So he will stay in his job.

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar, who says her top priority is to put Somalia first, remains in Congress

By any objective calculation, Democrats are winning again.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is a good conservative, was bamboozled into endorsing Pilip and even raising money for her. He said, “…what she doesn’t have is a Rolodex filled with Hollywood billionaires and Wall Street bigwigs cutting big checks like her left-wing opponent does.”

He called her “pro-family” and she claimed to be “pro-life.” But she said she would oppose an “abortion ban” to protect unborn babies and would instead protect “women’s rights” to abort their children.

In other words, she ran as a Democrat (which she was anyway) on this issue which is so important to pro-life Americans.  She even said she would oppose “funding cuts” for “reproductive care.” That meant taxpayer dollars for killing unborn babies.

The left-wing “opponent” won anyway because pro-lifers didn’t believe they had a real choice. As Trump said, they stayed home.

Despite Mazi’s status as a former soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), she did not fight for conservative values. She wasn’t a Republican to begin with, although she took some “conservative” positions, such as border security. It wasn’t good enough.

There is a lesson here for conservatives who think the Republican Party is a reliable vehicle for conservative values: don’t trust the party establishment. And don’t trust the candidates themselves when they suddenly emerge as “Republicans” when they run for office.   


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