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Is anyone paying attention to the other things going on at the United Nations?

Meet FAO… Food and Agriculture Organization and the Director General Qu Dongyu, located in Beijing. According to the website:

After three decades of economic reform, China has become the second-largest economy in the World. In the 21st century, FAO’s cooperation with China has entered a new era. In addition to receiving needed assistance, China has become one of the major supporters of the FAO-led endeavors to fight hunger and food insecurity by offering its successful experience to the rest of the developing world.

FAO’s Work in China

China is now in its 14th Five-Year Development Period (2021-2025), and FAO, together with multiple stakeholders in the country, has developed the Country Programming Framework (CPF) for 2021-2025, which is positioned to provide strategic support for China to promote all-round rural revitalization in the post-pandemic era, ensuring food security and promoting high-quality agricultural development. Meanwhile, it is envisaged to step up cooperation with China in global food and agricultural governance and promote the implementation of the Global Development Initiative in the agriculture sector, sharing China’s progress and experience in poverty reduction, agricultural development, and 2030 agenda implementation with the international community. It sets out three priority areas:

  • Supporting people and prosperity and better production and better nutrition through rural revitalization.
  • Protecting the planet and a better environment through sustainable and resilient agri-food systems.
  • Enhancing a partnership and a better life through international and regional agriculture cooperation.

Why is this so terrifying? The video below explains it all and just about every nation’s representative at the United Nations knows full well what is happening:

So, where exactly is our U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations? Where is the State Department? Does anyone have a connection to the House Committee on China?

The video is about 40 minutes but it explains so much. You may need to take notes.

U.S. farmers are actually going broke and soon to be extinct and here is one reason why… Syngenta.

Notice paraquat and the EPA on the same page? Syngenta is mentioned a few times in the video above.

So, we have China hacking us as noted several times in congressional hearings. Then they tried to break us financially and physically with a virus. Now China has teamed up with other rogue nations to break us militarily.

But mostly and certainly visually the Chinese are invading our borders especially now in California. Who are they and why?


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