By: Cliff Kincaid

Congress is back in session on January 8 and a government-shutdown deadline is weeks away. They say funding for Ukraine and Israel and securing the border are major topics.

But there is another major issue: the consolidation of a communist dictatorship in the United States if “Special Counsel” Jack Smith is allowed to continue his persecution of former President Trump, a process that subverts our system of government and free and fair elections.

I have just dispatched a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson asking for action on bills to defund United Nations-trained lawyer Jack Smith.

In my new 8-page special report on this case, I have updated new and important information from a brief filed by Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese. It turns out that, in addition to his bogus complaints against former President Trump, Smith’s appointment was illegal and unconstitutional.

Many of us did not pay attention to the legal details. But constitutional lawyers have examined the case and have come to this shocking conclusion. I urge you to read our report and consider the secret United Nations agenda that we have documented in some detail.

You may be aware that my organization America’s Survival, Inc. worked on behalf of Michael New, the patriotic former U.S. soldier who refused to serve under the command of the United Nations.  Michael New was court-martialed by President Bill Clinton for standing up FOR the U.S. Constitution and AGAINST the anti-American United Nations. I co-wrote, Michael New – Mercenary…or American Soldier, about the case.

It turns out that while Bill Clinton was having sex with a White House intern (he “likes them young”) and later attending parties hosted by pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, he took time out of his busy schedule to begin the process of subsuming American forces into a U.N. Army.

Michael New said he signed up for the green team, the U.S. Army, and not the U.N. Army, and refused to wear the U.N. blue helmet or beret and a U.N. badge and insignia.

In the case of “Special Counsel” Jack Smith, however, we have the opposite set of circumstances. He went to work for foreign courts after serving in the Obama Justice Department. Smith was then photographed in his global garb, wearing black and purple robes, reflecting his service to an international court.

My next step, if we generate enough financial support, is to educate more Americans about the secret U.N. agenda behind this assault on our former president. Jack Smith is doing the dirty work of the United Nations, which eventually wants to sue the American nation in a foreign court for trillions of dollars over alleged “racial terrorism” and “environmental crimes” against the Third World.

For speaking out against the U.N. agenda and the questionable “results” of the 2020 election, YouTube deleted my 500 anti-communist videos. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations attacked me personally.  Legal threats came on top of these assaults. Still, we are hanging on.

We need your support to educate the American people and Congress about the illegal and unconstitutional activities of “Special Counsel” Jack Smith. It is a great opportunity to educate them about the United Nations, now with more than 97,000 U.N. uniformed personnel (military and police) coming from over 120 countries. Please go to the “Give” section on our website,, and use our secure payment option.

With recruitment problems plaguing the U.S. military, do not be surprised if Biden increasingly relies on the United Nations Army in foreign affairs, such as in Ukraine or the Middle East.

in another significant development that spells trouble for Jack Smith, John Moynihan filed a whistleblower complaint with the Department of Justice Inspector General’s Office on November 28 alleging that Smith was engaged in an extortion scheme while he was working at the U.N.-backed Kosovo tribunal.

Moynihan is a former employee of the Drug Enforcement Administration who tracks and exposes international money laundering and associated financial crimes. The complaint was filed on Moynihan’s behalf by Brian Della Rocca, a Partner at Compass Law Partners, who told us “I will confirm that it [the complaint] is authentic,” but that “We have no other comment at this time.”

Defunding the office of Special Counsel Jack Smith is one way for the House Republicans to stop these schemes and begin to expose alleged corruption by Smith’s office.

There are two important bills.

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) has filed legislation to defund Jack Smith. The “YOU’RE FIRED Act,” H.R.5194, would stop “Jack Smith’s taxpayer-funded witch hunt of President Trump,” Rep. Ogles says. H.R. 4707, introduced by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), would prohibit federal funding for Special Counsel Smith’s office.

To their credit, House Republican congressional committees are examining the China threat and the “weaponization” of government and have launched an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden and his administration. But the more immediate problem is Jack Smith’s frivolous legal actions against Trump that threaten to lay the groundwork for United Nations legal action against our country as a whole.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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