Ukraine Burns But Resists 

By Cliff Kincaid

The people of Ukraine are resisting the invasion. They are destroying Russian tanks and helicopters and capturing Russian invaders.

But the communist lunatic and former KGB spy Vladimir Putin, with thousands of nuclear weapons, is threatening to incinerate you, your family, and your country.

Yes, this never would have happened with Trump in the White House. But he left the Oval Office, griping about rigged elections, and we are saddled with Joe Biden, our “war-time president.”

Threatening nuclear attacks after initiating his “special military operation,” Vladimir Putin said in his televised speech announcing war: “A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history.”

He is threatening to obliterate our troops, our friends and allies, and our nation.

Think about that.

Ukraine isn’t the only target.

I am sorry to report that what we predicted back in 2014 is coming to pass. Russia is “Back from the Dead,” in a “Return of the Evil Empire.” Putin has started a war in Europe for “the Fatherland.” He also calls it the “Motherland.”

The world has changed forever. This war will continue for years to come, perhaps in a fight to the finish with Russia AND China. Nuclear war is being threatened by Putin.

This may be Joe Biden’s ticket to re-election. He has no will to win, but the media can help him look presidential.

By contrast, Tucker Carlson makes conservatives look stupid. He said on Wednesday night that Russia had saved the world from the Nazis, without mentioning that the Hitler-Stalin Pact started World War II. No wonder he is admittedly under NSA surveillance. He is acting like a Russian sympathizer and should register as such, in the same way Russia Today TV registered as a foreign agent. No responsible conservative should have anything to do with him or his show.

He reminds me of Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose.

Equally significant, as the number-one-rated cable news host, Carlson is setting up conservatives as traitors. His advocacy on behalf of Putin’s Russia provides the predicate for “conservatives” being labeled as foreign agents by the Biden regime. He is making conservatives look bad. This is the one way that Biden can try to re-establish himself as a great leader. Carlson is playing into his hands.

I repeat: conservatives should have nothing to do with him or his show. He is absolute poison.

Then it was the Hitler-Stalin Pact. Now it’s the Putin-Xi pact. Add Germany to the Putin-Xi axis. The Germans, once again, have made a World War possible.

We predicted this as well, in our 2015 book, The Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypse, explaining the nature of Russian-Chinese collaboration. The so-called “Sino-Soviet split” was a Marxist deception.

To repeat, here’s how we got to this point: The Russian regime fooled the West — making itself seem like a new and modern and democratic state — in order to attract Western capital and underwrite subversion and aggression against the West. The Chinese communists conducted the same kind of pretense but kept the Communist Party officially in power, realizing they could get rich and maintain their communist identities, and that the West didn’t care.

If Carlson wanted to perform a public service, he would analyze how American corporate interests, think tanks, and politicians made the Russian Army’s aggression possible. That’s the subject of my article, Putin’s War Machine Was Made in Washington.

Armand Hammer is alive and well in D.C. Equally significant, Putin’s puppet has a spot on America’s most-watched cable channel.

Meanwhile, this is a message from someone with family in Ukraine:

Ukraine is being bombed and Ukrainians, innocent civilians, are being slaughtered by Putin and the Russian army. My family and friends are in Ukraine, including my cousin and her one-year-old son. They are at risk of death, torture, rape, starvation, genocide, extinction.
The aim of genocide and persecution of Ukrainians by the murderous regime of [the] Soviet Union, and its successor, Putin’s Russia, is to exterminate Ukrainians and Ukraine.
Ukrainians are a peace-loving
nation who desire to live in freedom and democracy, with our families. We don’t want to live under Putin’s regime. For this, Ukrainians are being killed. 
Putin and his followers believe that we don’t have a right to exist and should be killed, destroyed, and exterminated. They spread videos on YouTube, shoring Ukrainians being killed and tortured, stating Ukrainians are a “lesser nation”, “defective Russians”.
If the world does nothing, millions of Ukrainians, innocent civilians, the elderly, women, and children, will cease to exist.  

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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2 thoughts on “Ukraine Burns But Resists 

  1. Putin is out of his depth – he is no great military commander & the Russians have not invaded a city like this in 70 years. The military is inexperienced from the top brass down.

    The Ukrainian partisans actually may win as Russia lacks the 5:1 advantage required for winning an urban insurgency in Kyiv.

    If the Ukrainian’s are lucky & do things right they can break Putin’s army, already with low morale from the start.

  2. Perhaps if the Ukrainians had “resisted ” the Soros/Nuland over-throw of the democratically elected prez in 2013-14 preventing a bunch of Nazis being “installed” the current situation would have never occurred! The author’s knowledge is seriously lacking!

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