Trump’s Enemies May Surprise You

By: Cliff Kincaid

If you want to understand what’s happening with Trump, don’t turn to Fox News. Professor Jonathan Turley, their go-to “expert,” is the guy who made a fool of himself by delivering testimony about the dangers of “Eugene McCarthyism.” He meant Joe McCarthy. Either way, he was off-base. An error of this kind means that he is not a serious academic.

Another Fox “expert,” former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, vouched for the honesty and integrity of Russia-gate special prosecutor Robert Mueller, a former FBI director.

It’s worth remembering that Mueller’s disastrous tenure as FBI director included implicating the wrong people in the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, working with the Muslim Brotherhood to purge FBI materials of the truth about radical Islam, and failing to reform the FBI’s internal security system after Russian spy and FBI agent Robert Hanssen was caught.

These are the two “experts” that Fox News viewers will be subjected to ad nauseam in regard to the indictment of former President Trump.

At a time like this, with an unprecedented and flimsy indictment of a former president, we need an understanding of how communist groups are working hand-in-glove with the progressive movement and its billionaire backer George Soros. He’s a convicted inside trader with mysterious off-shore sources of cash whose apologists in the media and the Democratic Party constantly claim his critics are anti-Semitic.

But Soros is a self-declared atheist who has made billions at the expense of capitalist nations and has declared, “The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist but the capitalist threat.” This strange observation is matched by his devotion to Karl Popper, whose “Open Society” approach is what has justified the destruction of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Popper had been a communist in his youth.

Soros is not a communist but his impact has been much the same. 

My group America’s Survival, Inc. sponsored “The Soros Files” conference on October 27, 2011, more than ten years ago. After YouTube censored my group, America’s Survival, Inc., and we were de-funded by new liberal leadership at the Scaife Foundations, these videos and reports disappeared from the Internet. Click here to learn more.

How Fox Served Soros

We hear a lot these days from Fox commentators about alleged Soros-backed prosecutors, a popular topic, but it was Fox which banned Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch for criticizing Soros on the Lou Dobbs show. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck was actually fired from Fox News for exposing Soros. (Dobbs was fired as well).

​Beck now likes to appear on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show but he once had a show of his own on the channel, where he touched a raw nerve by naming Soros as a Nazi collaborator in his youth. Soros operatives then pressured Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and the channel’s advertisers to dump Beck.

Last July, the Wall Street Journal published a Soros op-ed about his backing of “reform prosecutors.” The Journal is published by the same company behind Fox News. 

But the coverage of Soros hasn’t been the only aspect of the Fox News Channel exposed as two-faced and duplicitous. 

Fox Hates Trump

The release of internal emails and text messages in the current Fox lawsuit involving criticism of Dominion election systems reveals that various Fox commentators such as Tucker Carlson privately said they hated Trump while publicly appealing to his audience. “I hate him passionately,” Tucker said of the former president.

Once associated with so-called neo-con Bill Kristol, Carlson now poses as a populist opposed to the neo-cons.

The court documents in the Dominion case also show him using profanity-lace tirades against attorney Sidney Powell, who was trying to uncover foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election.

One has to wonder if Fox is seriously interested in exposing Soros.

Congress Must Act

We hear a lot these days about “Soros-funded prosecutors,” without any plan by congressional Republicans to haul the atheist billionaire into a hearing so his plans and contributions can be scrutinized. America’s first Marxist president, Barack Hussein Obama, was his crowning achievement.

It is safe to say that Soros has led the way in transforming and destroying the American system, a campaign articulated in public by Barack Hussein Obama upon assuming the presidency in 2008.

Soros backed Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry in his first major attempt to take control of the White House, back in 2004. Kerry went down to defeat, but Obama, backed by Soros in 2008, was a successful candidate. The financial crash in 2008 guaranteed his election.

More significant than the prosecutors are the sources of his money and the causes that Soros supports. This work is what made the election of the prosecutors possible.

Much of Soros’s wealth has been put into causes such as abortion rights, gay rights, drug legalization, voting rights for felons, transgenderism, euthanasia and rights for immigrants and prostitutes. Soros has also financed various Marxist groups, such as Critical Resistance, a group founded by communist Angela Davis and dedicated to abolishing prisons. Terrorist lawyer Lynne Stewart, sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating a prohibition on providing material support for foreign terrorism, received Soros support.

Until Congress subpoenas Soros personally and his financial and political records, we should not take their defense of Trump seriously.

For his part, Trump has to keep the heat on the atheist billionaire and his puppets. He simply cannot comply with an unconstitutional gag order from the judge in the case to restrict what he can say about the Soros operatives and communists trying to jail him.


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