The Solution To Open Borders

By: Cliff Kincaid

Every day I read and hear complaints about open borders and illegal aliens flooding in. It’s gotten worse lately – the coverage and the illegal entries. The reason is that rich people who employ illegals as maids, gardeners, and servants want more cheap labor. They think the publicity will cause the Congress to pass an amnesty for the millions already here and the millions coming.

Consider Fox News, leading the drumbeat. Fox owner Rupert Murdoch is co-chair of the Partnership for a New American Economy, along with liberal moneybags and billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg. The Partnership for a New American Economy is based on bringing in immigrant labor described as “new Americans.”

As we watch the breathless coverage of the open borders, ask yourself: who among the Fox pundits has a plan to deport them? What will a Republican House do about this? These people stoke outrage and anger and do nothing.

But the Murdoch group knows where this is all going. The organization insists that “…immigrants fuel our nation’s $100 billion agriculture industry, doing the toughest jobs that keep our farms running,” the implication being that you want food to eat, right?

But you also want people to serve your food and build your homes, right? You want people to mow your lawn.

Under the heading, “Undocumented Immigrants,” we read that illegals are “playing integral roles in agriculture, construction, hospitality, and other industries that are essential to the U.S. economy.”

This is the dirty little secret that is now out in the open

The organization says illegal aliens are “economic contributors.”

Like you, I yearn for the restrictions on the border put into place by Trump. But we know what happened. JoeBama opened the borders and millions are flooding in. It’s a deliberate policy to make the situation so bad that politicians will use the crisis to grant amnesty and make the illegals into legal citizens to take care of the jobs they tell us Americans don’t want.

Years ago, commentator Michael Lind said openly what we all know to be true. Speaking of the media elite, he said that journalists do not oppose illegal immigration because they benefit from it. Lind said journalists belong to an affluent class in America that employs immigrant maids, nannies and gardeners.

The same is true of the elites in politics. I would even bet that some of the “conservative” commentators generating viewers for their sensational coverage of the problem are benefiting from the cheap labor.

“People like me are the great beneficiaries of this,” Michael Lind said “There’s a buyers’ market in inexpensive unskilled labor.” He said there used to be a time when you had to be wealthy to afford such help. But more and more people in higher paying jobs can now afford to hire immigrants who will work for below the minimum wage.

So how do we round them up? Does anyone have a plan? Have you used illegal immigrant labor? Do they serve your meals? Do they work on your lawn? Did they build your house?

Let’s face it — they’re not going anywhere. They’re staying here. Our country depends on them. We need this cheap labor.

Lind explained this is especially true of those in the rich journalism establishment. “I’ve been in journalism for most of the past two decades,” he said. “Most journalists, most editors, most TV producers are employers of immigrant labor. If they married they have a nanny who comes part of the time. They have gardeners, they have maids and so on. So they belong to the top 5 or ten percent of the United States whose entire lifestyle depends on the supply of cheap labor.”

He said people in this class tend to eat out a lot, and so they also benefit from immigrants working in restaurants and hotels. If trends continue, he said “before long? another decade or two — I should be able to afford my own butler [and] my own chauffeur?”

So what do we do about this?

Trump did something. But he’s gone.

We hear a lot from JoeBama about root causes. Their answer is to spend more money on governments south of the border, no matter how they are governed. That only perpetuates corruption.

Tragically, too many critics ignore the real root cause — communism. Communists use refugees against the West. They create global chaos and conflict and the victims flee to the good old USA. They have done it in Europe and they are doing it in Latin America.

I suggest my old article, The Border Wars Plot. Liberation from the Gringos. Until communism is defeated worldwide and communist governments are replaced, the refugee and border crisis will continue. That’s because America is still seen as the land of opportunity.

Don’t expect any solutions on a national basis. Al of the talk and coverage of the problem will not result in a solution. There is no solution until communism is eliminated from the face of the earth.

Communist policies produce death, destruction, and refugees. It’s an old story.

Let’s face it – most of the people coming here have a legitimate gripe about their own countries and governments. They are good people seeking a better future. But as we know, criminals carrying drugs are using them for their own purposes.

In extreme circumstances, we would have a CIA that overthrows regimes like those in Cuba and Venezuela. Look at Chile, where the CIA helped General Pinochet overthrow the Marxist Allende. The country is free today and enjoys a form of capitalism.

That happened under Nixon. Under Trump, unfortunately, he relied on a CIA that had been heavily compromised by enemy agents. They wanted to spend their time overthrowing Trump.

Consider Venezuela. All freedom-loving people support the overthrow of the tyrannical communist Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela. But Trump’s proposed replacement, Juan Guaido, was another socialist. His Popular Will party is a “progressive” party and a member of the Socialist International.

It was President Trump who told the United Nations, “All nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone.” Yet he proposed fighting communism with socialism in Venezuela.

In terms of foreign policy closer to home, conservatives should focus on countries like El Salvador, where a former leftist politician by the name of Nayib Bukele was elected and is in the process of rounding up and imprisoning the gang members and terrorists. A true patriot, he went from leftism to conservatism and is cleaning up the corruption. He should be invited to speak to the new Congress. He has an amazing story to tell.

But JoeBama does not like him. He is not a leftist like Lula in Brazil. The U.S. liberal media do not like him, either. They call Bukele an authoritarian.

People actually want to live in El Salvador now. I know. I talk to them. When people like their country and enjoy freedom and prosperity, they don’t want to leave.

  • Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.

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