The Biden Credibility Gap Is Growing

By: Roger Aronoff | CCNS

How much is the Biden credibility gap hindering and prolonging the war Russia started when it invaded Ukraine? I would argue that it is having a huge impact. While paying lip service to having united the West to support Ukraine in its war with Russia, it is clear that the White House is once again leading from behind. Between the U.S. and the EU, Russia has sold them more than $30 billion worth of oil and gas since the start of the war in February, while their combined military aid to Ukraine is less than $5 billion. If the U.S. was still energy independent and if the EU wasn’t divided over the issue, perhaps the West would stop funding Putin’s brutal, unconscionable war and provide Ukraine with the weapons and hardware it says it needs. Ukraine has shown that it can and will fight Russia on its own without needing NATO troops to engage.

The gaslighting never ends

President Biden and his top administration officials and spokesmen said clearly and often leading up to the war that the West, led by the U.S., was imposing sanctions on Russia to deter an invasion of Ukraine. Yet a month to the day after Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden said with a sense of certainty and indignation that sanctions “never deter” military aggression. This was just one of several statements that left his staffers and cabinet officials trying to figure out how to explain Joe’s comments. Did he misspeak? Is he senile? Does he believe that this didn’t represent a change of positions?

Then there were the other gaffes, inconsistencies, and lies. Were our troops in Poland soon to go into Ukraine, as Biden indicated? Must Putin somehow be removed from power? Would the U.S. respond “in-kind” if Russia uses chemical weapons? Are we training Ukrainian military forces in Poland with our military? In each case, the White House walked backed these statements, or “clarified” them as they prefer to call it. But when asked, Biden assured the country that “I’m not walking anything back.”

On top of that, the U.S. greenlighted Poland to send fighter jets to Ukraine, but when Poland tossed the issue in our lap by offering to give them away for free and send them to Germany to then be sent to Ukraine by the U.S. or NATO, Biden and company said no, it wasn’t necessary.

While this gaslighting has been going on, the Biden administration has been trying desperately to re-enter the disastrous Iran nuclear deal being negotiated between Russia and Iran directly, with us on the sideline. And all of it is whitewashed, covered up, and distorted by a corrupt news media.

The credibility gap also stems from lies about what the president knew and his involvement with his son Hunter’s business dealings with China, Ukraine, and Russia, and how the media were complicit in covering up the corruption exposed on Hunter’s laptop. From claims about the border being secure, to inflation being Putin’s fault, and the economy being great, Joe Biden’s credibility gap is growing at a rapid pace.


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2 thoughts on “The Biden Credibility Gap Is Growing

  1. Slight correction NOT ” it is clear that the White House is once again leading from behind” but, “it is clear that the White House is once again leading with its behind.”

  2. Although I agree with most people that Vladimir Putin is a murderer, I have to point out that the mainstream media in most of the world is pushing a biased viewpoint. Since 2014 the Ukrainian military under Zelensky have been shelling and destroying the pro Russian and Russian speaking people of the Donbass region. Many hundreds of men, women and children have died.

    Read this:

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