How Walter Duranty and Tucker Carlson Served Russia

By Cliff Kincaid

Former President Trump says, “Less than 8 months from now, the great American People are going to vote to FIRE the Radical Democrats.” Among other things, Trump cites Biden’s failure to deter Russia’s “outrageous invasion of Ukraine.” But not so fast. The Republican Party is being seriously damaged by its association with pro-Russian commentator Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

It wasn’t Trump who was the Russian agent. However, the test of time proves that some of his supporters are members of the Putin camp.

Some say Tucker Carlson is the new Walter Duranty, the New York Times journalist who claimed that Soviet Russia presented no external threat to its neighbors and that the Stalin-induced Great Famine in Ukraine which killed seven to ten million never occurred. Duranty received the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of life in the USSR, even though his dispatches were cleared by Soviet officials and were thus sanitized of the purges and artificial famines that would kill millions.

Duranty’s crimes were exposed by Dr. Paul Kengor in the America’s Survival bookAll The Dupes Fit To Print: Journalists Who Have Served As Tools Of Communist Propaganda.

In Tucker’s case, he has apparently been misled about Russia through such contacts as Glenn Greenwald, a mouthpiece for NSA/CIA defector Edward Snowden, who defected to Russia through Chinese Hong Kong.  

Like Duranty’s fake dispatches, Carlson’s pro-Russian commentaries were essential to providing the world a fake Russian narrative about the war in Ukraine and were featured on Kremlin TV.  Carlson called the war a “border dispute” that threatened Russia.

However, the late anti-communist Brazilian writer and philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho, said that Alexander Dugin, the brains behind Putin’s geopolitical strategy, embraces “genocidal violence” and that Dugin has “advocated the systematic killing of Ukrainians — a people who, according to him, do not belong to the human species.”

As the war in Ukraine continues, we must begin the process of isolating the pro-Russian agents of influence active in the conservative movement, once known for its anti-communism, and understand how a prominent one-time conservative like Carlson went over the edge.  

Russian infiltration of the conservative movement reflects the same process of communization of society that conservatives once opposed.

In 2014, we detected the start of the Russian infiltration of the conservative movement, as various conservative and “pro-family” leaders joined a Russian operative at a National Press Club conference in Washington, D.C. to proclaim Vladimir Putin the Christian savior of the world.

The tendency of some “conservatives” to believe this, even as Putin wages war on Ukraine, is one of the best political developments Biden has going for him.

A leading “progressive” writer has done a masterful job of painting Tucker Carlson of Fox News as a leading purveyor of Russian disinformation in the media. Biden and the Democrats will be saying that the Carlson example proves that the Republicans have been in bed with Russia all along. Such misleading charges could mitigate Democratic Party losses in the mid-term elections this fall.

Personally, Carlson should repent and should consider joining the group from Annunciation parish in Washington, D.C., which has been meeting each Thursday at noon at the gates of the Russian embassy at 2650 Wisconsin Ave NW to pray for an end to the war.

As for the liberal media, Duranty’s Pulitzer was undeserved and the Pulitzer Board should revoke his prize. Join the campaign to revoke Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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3 thoughts on “How Walter Duranty and Tucker Carlson Served Russia

  1. Richard Ong,
    My thoughts exactly!
    Ukraine isn’t much better than Russia either!
    Ukraine is under control of the U.S. State Department and iyr Defense Dept, for years now.
    Thank you for your comments!

  2. Snowden didn’t “defect.” He revealed the start realities of the near-total surveillance state. He got out of Dodge to avoid being crucified by said surveillance state which was not amused by his telling Americans how diseased their federal government had become. “Defect” implies he had had a long-time clandestine relationship with Russia and shopped classified information to them like, oh, a spy. Which he was not. He originally wanted to go to somewhere in S. America but ended up going to Russia when that didn’t work. As I recall, he sat there in Schiphol Airport while the Russians figured out what to do with him.

    No one on the planet thinks the Ukraine war is a “border dispute.” Doesn’t Tucker just say that it’s not our fight? I certainly agree with that. The Russians proposed a workable, long-term arrangement for European security that is not premised on the U.S. declaring to Russia that — notwithstanding a clear commitment made after the collapse of the Soviet Union — we have the right to do what the heck we feel like anywhere in the world because we’re ‘Murcans. In this instance, the US and its lickspittles assert the right to expand NATO to the very border of Russia and install nuclear-capable missiles in Romania and Carpathiastan and/or ABM radars and missiles just minutes of flight time from Moscow and certain of its ICBM silos. This is what is known as a lunatic US policy. But Blinken treated the Russian proposals with contempt.

    Russia has also faced four existential threats from invasion from the west and no one sitting in Omaha or Burbank has the right to dismiss out of hand Russian strategic concerns based on their hideous experience. The competing US/NATO strategic interest of the highest sacredness is that NATO membership is for NATO to decide and if a country right smack on its border wants to join that’s the affair of no [gosh darn] muzhiki. Doesn’t that make your heart pound?

    And, no, contrary to Mr. Kengor, neither Putin nor Russia are communist and what Putin said about the collapse of the USSR was a simple acknowledgment of the hardship for Russians that followed it. He clearly went on to speak of his wish that Russia could join the community of nations.

    You have been right on the money on domestic communists who HAVEN’T gone away and never did. Why you choose to (a) chase your tail on this non-existent evil Putin contemplating a drang to Calais and (b) swoon over the astonishing arrogance of the US that thinks no sparrow should fall anywhere in the world without a GI to catch it truly astonishes me.

    Anyway. Please put me down as a charter member of the Conservative Republican Russian Agents of Influence Society. And send me the t-shirt, too.

    1. Isn’t NATO a defense alliance of nations formed to protect smaller nations from being eaten by the Russian bear? Have the member nations in the alliance ever given any indication that they would like to launch an unprovoked full scale military attack on Russia? Would such an attack even be allowed in the NATO charter?

      When the former Warsaw Pact nations finally freed themselves from 70 years of Communist oppression and gained independence, would they not be expected to seek the protection offered by NATO membership to avoid being swallowed up again?

      How does NATO pose a threat to Russia unless Russia plans to continue their expansion westward (in which case NATO is in the way)?

      It seems as though the fact that Russia does see NATO as a threat is indicative of that very thing.

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