Labor Lecturer Explains How to Bankrupt a Non-Union Business

University of Missouri / Kansas City Professor Judy Ancel explains how building trades unionists have infiltrated non-union businesses to put them out of business. She then has a cosy chat with Communist Party USA affiliate Don Giljum.

Judy Ancel is also an affiliate of the communist/socialist dominated Center for Labor Renewal.

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5 thoughts on “Labor Lecturer Explains How to Bankrupt a Non-Union Business

  1. These people need to be stopped and tried for conspiracy and treason against the United States. They are breaking so many laws against business and free expression, along with the rights of the business owners to make a living of their choice, on their own abilities – i.e. they own and run a business which provides jobs to the people in the area; the unions want power, the socialist and the progressives want power…the people of the land want to live their lives free.

  2. Ladies and gents: This is your federal and state worthless dollars AT WORK !!! We need a house cleaning. Better start saving your money, it will take lots of it to win next election.

    This is what we have now (in general) w/ Barack running for re-election and see what he has done, when he knows people are looking at him and he’s attempting to win them over ……. imagine when he rules the next four years and when he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. … save now to donate later!

  3. The UMSL decided not to fire Professor Don Giljum because the video that was taken off of the school’s website was taken out of context. Pure obama spin!

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