Tucker’s Valentine’s Day Message to Vladimir

By Cliff Kincaid

The headline, “U.S. and NATO tighten military ring around Russia,” sounded like something from a Tucker Carlson show on Russia. But it came from the People’s World, the newspaper of the once Moscow-funded and now pro-China and pro-Russia Communist Party USA. Tucker and the communists agree that NATO has to stay out of Russia’s business in Europe. Living in a world of his own, under Russian influence and under surveillance by the NSA, Tucker thinks Putin’s only concerned about Russia’s borders.

The real story is that Moscow is threatening another invasion of a free, independent, and sovereign state in Europe. Ukraine is in the midst of an anti-communist revolution, where communist statues of such Soviet luminaries as Lenin have been pulled down by the dozens and reduced to rubble. 

Russia’s president, former KGB spy Vladimir Putin, doesn’t like that. His puppet in Ukraine was run out of office and Putin thinks that, if Ukraine succeeds, the same thing could happen to him.

This should actually be our stated policy – regime change in Moscow and Beijing.

If you are just beginning to realize that Tucker, the number-one-rated host on Fox News, is in bed with Vladimir Putin, consider yourself a victim of conservative “woke” censorship. Many conservatives are afraid to label him what he is — a dupe of the Russians —  because they fear his power and influence.

For whatever reason, and we fear the worst since Tucker says he has been under NSA surveillance, this number one Fox News host has to have some very strange relationships with those on the Russian side. That’s a story worth telling.

Carlson says the NSA has been “monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.” How damaging are these communications?

What’s also interesting about the People’s World article is that the author, one Victor Grossman, defected to the communist world in the 1950s during the Cold War.

Tucker hasn’t defected to Russia, but his broadcasts on Ukraine have made observers wonder what has happened to him — and Fox News. Equally significant, one of Tucker’s favorite guests on this and other topics, Glenn Greenwald, is a leftist who helped NSA/CIA defector Edward Snowden reveal classified information on his way to Chinese Hong Kong and Russia, where he now lives. Tucker’s relationship with Greenwald is alarming.

In defense of Putin, Grossman quotes Germany’s highest naval official, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach, as saying, “Is Russia really interested in adding a tiny little strip of Ukraine to its territory? No, that is nonsense…Russia is an ancient country; Russia is an important country. Even we, Germany, and India, need Russia; we need Russia against China.”

In fact, Russia already seized Crimea from Ukraine and has troops or surrogates on “a tiny strip of Ukraine” known as eastern Ukraine. Indeed, a Russian BUK missile destroyed Malaysian flight MH17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board, in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine.

In regard to respect, Putin deserves none. He is a killer who uses assassins against KGB dissidents and political opponents. The KGB’s use of poisons is legendary and so commonplace that they were featured in an episode of the show “Law & Order.”

My group, America’s Survival, Inc recorded a program with legal analyst Jeffrey Scott Shapiro about the verdict against Russia in the case of the assassination of former Russian FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko, whose “crime” was spilling the beans on Moscow’s role in Islamic terrorism. But the Biden Administration reacted by giving Russia economic control over Europe by approving the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. That has backfired in a big way, typical of how Biden conducts foreign policy.

To oppose Russian aggression is not the same thing as defending Biden’s unilateral mishandling of this crisis.  

Another important point that has escaped the attention of many conservatives is that Russia is an important country but it was rotted out from the inside because of the communist revolution in 1917. As some observers have noted, today it’s a gas station with nuclear weapons. These facts still make it a great danger.

Realizing the communist revolution had destroyed the moral fabric of Russia, Putin was smart enough to switch gears on domestic policy, sounding Christian and conservative on family values. That was a clever ploy and the rhetoric has taken in many conservatives. At the same time, Putin appeals to Western conservatives with pro-family rhetoric while pursuing a variation of the old Soviet foreign policy, now called Eurasianism, which envisions a revival of the Russian empire by taking back Ukraine, or at least most of it.

Former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky says Eurasianism was actually developed by Soviet intelligence in the 1920s, and later popularized by Alexander Dugin after the Soviet collapse. In the 1990s, he said, Dugin held seminars which were attended by high-positioned Russian intelligence officers, such as Sergei Ivanov, who became the Russian Minister of Defense and chief of staff to President Putin.

Arguing in favor of Russian interests, like Tucker does, Grossman Germany’s highest naval official, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach, said, “we need Russia against China.” This German vice-admiral has been fooled, like so many others in Germany today.

A 1965 communist Chinese publication, “The Polemic on the General Line of the International Communist Movement,” makes it clear that the perceived “differences” between the Chinese and Soviet Communist parties were irrelevant in terms of their ultimate goal. This is why former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev would still, in the midst of glasnost and perestroika, declare his goal to be the ultimate triumph of world communism.

Our 2015 book, The Sword of Revolution and the Communist Apocalypse, features an interview with a former U.S. intelligence agency official who explained how the Sino-Soviet split was a development in the strategy known as Marxist dialectics and deceived U.S. policymakers and weakened the Free World. That has made us vulnerable to both China and Russia.

Vice Admiral Schönbach resigned over his pro-Russian remarks on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

On the other hand, Tucker continues to spread disinformation that benefits Putin. Even more astounding, the usually reliable conservative Republican Senator, Josh Hawley of Missouri, has recommended meeting one of Putin’s key demands, ruling out NATO membership for Ukraine.

In his letter to Biden Secretary of State Blinken, Hawley buys into the Tucker Carlson argument that challenging Russia takes our attention away from China. He clearly has no understanding of global communism and how China and Russia are working together.

Hawley is not ready for prime time.

We have seen the rise of Tucker Carlson, the number-one-rated cable host in prime time, and now we are seeing his fall. Ronald Reagan-style conservatives don’t buy into his pro-Russian propaganda and are concerned about why the NSA is so interested in his networks of influence. This could be a bigger scandal than Jeff Zucker’s resignation from CNN.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org


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3 thoughts on “Tucker’s Valentine’s Day Message to Vladimir

  1. A question For Cliff. Are you now or have you ever been a source of any kind for US Intelligence? Another war is all that Americans
    need. China is by far the big issue and we are doing all we can to empower them. If you and the Congress want to get us into a war with Russia – suit up, but get your hands off my grandchildren and those of my family and friends. I come from a long line of veterans. So call me and my family what you like.

  2. I see a lot of talk from you but no evidence. No doubt Tucker has a different opinion than you have, but you have failed to convince that your opinion is correct. To convince me that Tucker has turned into a agent of Russia or a useful idiot, you need to produce evidence not a difference of opinion.

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