Stand With Ukraine Against Russia And China

By: Cliff Kincaid

One of the silliest defenses of Russia during the crisis with Ukraine is Pat Buchanan’s column, “Putin Wants His Own Monroe Doctrine,” suggesting Putin is only exercising authority over Europe that the United States has claimed for the Western hemisphere. Buchanan knows better. He was communications director for President Reagan when the Soviet Union and its client state, Cuba, were massively interfering in the Western hemisphere and sponsoring terrorism on American soil.

What Buchanan also ignores is that Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum, guaranteeing Ukraine’s sovereignty, in exchange for taking back control of Ukraine’s nuclear arsenal. Another Democratic president, Bill Clinton, arranged that sell-out.  

I went back into my library to find the 1985 booklet, “The Soviet-Cuban Connection in Central America and the Caribbean,” which explains how the Soviets (and now the Russians) had set a process in motion to take over country by country south of our border. In response, President Ronald Reagan launched the “Reagan Doctrine” of supporting anti-communist freedom fighters to put pressure on the communists in their own backyard.

One great success for our side was the defeat of Soviet-Cuban forces in Grenada when Reagan ordered the island liberated from the communists.

The 1982 hearing, “Role of Cuba in International Terrorism and Subversion,” also examines Soviet/Russian violation of the Monroe Doctrine.

Our bookBack from the Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire, looks at massive communist interference in the Western hemisphere, including on American soil, when a KGB-trained assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, carried out the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The Communists killed Kennedy because Kennedy, an anti-communist liberal, confronted the Soviets in Cuba and authorized the overthrow of the Castro regime. The Soviets had installed missiles in Cuba.

Herman O. Bly, a retired FBI special agent, who wrote the 1998 book, Communism, the Cold War, and the FBI Connection, said, “…I believe the heads of the FBI, CIA, and President Johnson wanted the Oswald case brought to a conclusion as fast as possible as they did not want another crisis with the Soviet Union so soon after the Cuban missile crisis.”

Another violation of the Monroe Doctrine was the communist use of terrorist organizations such as the Weather Underground and the Puerto Rican FALN. Both groups had connections to the Cuban intelligence service, the DGI, a subsidiary of the Soviet KGB, and conducted bombings and murders on American soil.

I think that even Pat Buchanan would have to agree that communist sponsorship of terrorism and assassinations on American soil should be construed as violations of the Monroe Doctrine.

In response, since the end of World War II, the United States has maintained a defensive alliance, NATO. The exception to this was the illegal use of NATO as an offensive force against Yugoslavia. That was done by President Bill Clinton.  

Because Ukraine is not a member of NATO, it is naked in the face of Russian aggression. Under no circumstances can it be considered a threat to Russia. But it’s a threat to Putin in the sense that a democratic nation on his border offers hope to those seeking democracy in Russia. That’s why Putin rules through murder and kills his political opponents with KGB poisons. The same analysis applies to the Republic of China on Taiwan, a country with a democratic form of government, thus representing a threat to the legitimacy of the communist Chinese dictatorship.

America has a flawed democracy, to be sure, but at least we have enough freedom left to challenge the U.S. Government and organize a peaceful overthrow of Biden’s illegitimate regime. The polls indicate the people want regime change in America.

As we fight for our freedom, don’t forget the fight for freedom by the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

The endless apologies for Russian aggression coming from the likes of Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson are evidence that the conservative movement has been divided and misled by Soviet/Russian disinformation. It’s a terrible shame that a former Reagan communications director and a number one-rated host on a “conservative” channel have fallen into the Russian camp. This development comes at the worst possible time, as Russia and China have openly combined forces against the West.

These so-called conservatives keep saying that the U.S. should rule out Ukraine as a member of NATO to mollify Russia. Nothing of that nature will appease Putin. He is a stone-cold killer who murders his enemies and came out of the same intelligence apparatus that spawned Lee Harvey Oswald as well as Mehmet Ali Ağca, who tried to kill Pope John Paul II. The Soviets saw the Polish-born Pope as a threat to the survival of the Soviet empire.

As a former KGB spy, he also knows the value of disinformation. Trevor Loudon did a great video, “Pro-Russian National Bolsheviks Spread Mayhem in the West,” that people need to watch and comprehend, in order to understand why some “conservatives” are embracing Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Trevor describes how a Russian fascist-communist hybrid movement known as National Bolshevism has been infiltrating the conservative movement for the purpose of discrediting genuine conservatives and patriots in the United States and other Western nations in order to undermine the West.

There is evidence that certain personalities with a pro-Russian bent have emerged as key figures in the “America First” movement.

One individual who goes by the name “Baked Alaska” was reported to be part of the “Unite the Right” Charlottesville group and is considered a strong supporter of Russia. He is advertised as being involved in the upcoming America First Political Action Conference in Florida.

Russian influence and infiltration help explain why figures like Tucker Carlson have turned their backs on the millions of young men and women in Ukraine who dared to dream of freedom and independence for their country.

It was under the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden that Russia originally invaded Ukraine in February 2014, taking Crimea, and then it seized Eastern Ukraine. At the time, Obama played into Putin’s hands by refusing to even describe the invasion of Ukraine as an invasion. Today, Biden, as president, encourages another invasion, saying a “minor incursion” might be perfectly fine.

Equally significant, Biden encouraged Russian aggression by giving Germany final approval to complete a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe.  Now, in a flip-flop, Biden insists that he can cancel it. He is not taken seriously.

The Russian aggression has taken the lives of 14,000 soldiers and civilians who have died in the eight-year ongoing war in eastern Ukraine.

The good news is that Ukrainian communities and friends of Ukraine around the world have held actions and rallies as part of the international #StandWithUkraine campaign. Demonstrations target Putin as a war criminal, equate him with Hitler’s march across Europe, and supporters of Ukraine’s independence wear T-shirts that send the clever message, “Puck Futin.”

What the people need are weapons, not clever phrases.

What we all have to support is a policy of regime change in Moscow and Beijing, the seats of power for America’s enemies.

We also need regime change in Washington, D.C. to get an anti-communist government in place like the one that Pat Buchanan once served.

The people of Ukraine have torn down the Lenin statues that once populated their country by the hundreds and now march under the flags of Ukraine and the United States. But the Biden Administration sent too little too late in terms of defensive arms, and now waits and watches, while some prominent conservatives cheer for the killers.

It is a sad day for the future of freedom when these “conservatives” abandon freedom-loving people.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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4 thoughts on “Stand With Ukraine Against Russia And China

  1. Author is very lazy. Russian aggression ? Really ? What about US aggression across the entire planet.
    Did Russia stay in Georgia after the brief war there or immediately withdraw ? With Ukraine, Russia has every right to security. NATO (US) continuously provoking Russia where they have nowhere left to retreat and be surrounded with nuclear weapons. Writer has ignored simple facts such as war crimes with Ukraine military firing on citizens homes, schools. Cliff is blinded by his anti communist position (which i agree with) , but hallucinates a communist plot at every news article. His calls for regime change in Moscow are unacceptable, and i have no doubt this guy was banging the Russian interference cries in the Trump elections. Imagine yourself one of the many poor sods across the globe where your own government has been involved in regime change. Do you support all those millions of deaths Cliff ?

  2. This clown is apparently part of the “Deep State”. Spilling American
    blood for what. This is a issue for Ukraine and Europe not the US.

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