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Garron Daniels

By: Trevor Loudon | Key Wiki.org

Garron Daniels is a member and the recording secretary of the Religious Commission of the Communist Party USA.

He is originally from Missouri and obtained his Bachelors in Justice Systems from Truman State University.

Currently, he is at the University of the South: School of Theology obtaining his Masters in Divinity to be ordained in the Episcopal Church.

In 2019, Garron Daniels, vice president of local New Students for a Democratic Society at Truman State University and a chaplain to the militant and revolutionary Socialist Rifle Association, invited the National President of the Socialist Rifle AssociationAlex Tackett to campus.

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1 thought on “Weekly Profile – Garron Daniels

  1. I’ll bet he bends over for the boys. He has that kinda look about him. Probably has a teething ring in his pillow. I wonder if there is a link with the Episcopal Church Trevor. I’ve been watching some things lately with SRA victims and the name Episcopal Church keeps coming up. Underground tunnels, altars, etc.

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