The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Democrats: Race In America

By: Allen West | CCNS

We need to have a serious analysis of this issue of race in America. This is because the progressive socialist left is using the tactics of Marxism to divide us not by economic class, but, rather, racial composition. Is it any wonder that this faux organization with the trendy title “Black Lives Matter” was founded by two avowed Marxist Black women?

This is where we start our commentary on race in America. The progressive socialist left has done a fabulous job of redefining who is a “good” Black person in America. This is not debatable and follows a line of history.

We all think that W.E.B. Du Bois founded the NAACP. He did not. The founding members of the NAACP were White progressives such as Mary White Ovington and Henry Moskowitz.

Du Bois became the face and figurehead of the organization. And, if you didn’t know, Du Bois was a socialist who became an avowed communist. In the end, he renounced his American citizenship. In essence, history is repeating itself with BLM, founded and financed by White leftists, globalist corporations, with two Black Marxists as its leaders.

For the progressive socialist left, these are the “good” Blacks, those who embrace their ideological agenda, to the detriment of their own people. We now have these new overseers on the left’s 21st-century economic plantation who are responsible to keep Blacks as victims, for the purpose of harvesting votes. These so-called accepted “intellectual” Blacks curry favor with their leftist masters — aka the Congressional Black Caucus — in order to maintain their position as the “good” Black people, selling out their own for their version of 30 pieces of silver.

Then there are the “bad” Blacks. As articulated by President Joe Biden, “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black.” Yes, consider that in opposition to his description of a “good Black,” former President Barack Obama as “good looking, clean, and articulate.”

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott asserted that America was not a racist country … Oops, “bad” Negro! Mr. Scott was pummeled by the left as “Uncle Tim” and “Oreo.” And, guess what? The “good” Blacks of the progressive socialist left ganged up on Mr. Scott as well. If you are a Black that has escaped the leftist plantation and display any competency to think as an individual, you are “bad.”

That began long ago with one of the greatest educators this nation has ever produced: Booker T. Washington, the father of Black conservatism. And, just recently, we saw the White progressives of the cancel culture attack and tear down the statue of Frederick Douglass in Rochester, N.Y., and deface the monument to the first Black soldiers to wear the American uniform, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. Yes, they were “bad” Blacks: Mr. Douglass for being a Republican, and the former slaves of the 54th for wearing the uniform of their country.

And, that leads to the “ugly,” the Democratic Party.

I find it unconscionable that a political party, with a long-running history of racism, would be so bold as to castigate anyone as racist. Any dummy knows it was the Democratic Party that did not support the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

The party of lynching? Democrats. The party of segregation? Democrats. The party of Jim Crow? Democrats. The party of poll taxes, literacy tests, and Black voter suppression? Democrats. The party that founded the Ku Klux Klan? Democrats. The party that advocates for the murder of unborn Black babies to the tune of 20 million aborted since 1973? Democrats. The party holding the record for the longest filibuster in U.S. Senate history, against the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Democrats. The party that decimated the traditional nuclear two-parent Black family? Democrats. The party that argues Blacks are too stupid to get a picture ID to vote? Democrats.

So, why are we sitting around and allowing the “ugly,” the Democrats, to define the narrative on race in America? That is like having a wolf in charge of security for a flock of sheep.

The “good” Blacks are the sheep. The “bad” Blacks are the guard dogs. And, the Democrats are the “ugly” wolves. The wolves hate the guard dogs and the sheep are ambivalent to the guard dogs who seek to protect them.

My parents raised me to be a victor and slave to no one. Just like my dad, a WWII soldier, I am a guard dog. A guardian of this republic who will not allow the purveyors of systemic racism to destroy my country.

The American Black community must ask itself this question: In the eyes of the White progressive socialist left, am I what they define as a “good” Negro or a “bad” one?

I am proud to be a “bad” one!


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1 thought on “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Democrats: Race In America

  1. This article almost made me cry! The world now needs such “guard dogs” like Mr. West as never before. Let us hope and pray (and do everything in our power) that the communists’ ever-growing inverted pyramid of lies may collapse, sooner rather than later. And then there’s the yet-unresolved problem of a never-defeated (in fact, perfectly intact) communist world bloc, that’s directing all this madness and is getting prepared for its final big day of world conquest. God help us!

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