The FBI Is The KGB

By: Cliff Kincaid | America’s Survival

Pro-family activist Arthur Schaper discusses his encounter with FBI agents who showed up at his door to grill him about the events of January 6. He wasn’t there when military veteran Ashli Babbitt was murdered by the Capitol Police, but they wanted to question him anyway. It’s another indication that the FBI has become an enforcement arm of the Biden regime’s imposition of Cultural Marxism on the nation. Schaper was apparently monitored by the FBI because his group rescues young people from the clutches of sexual militants and seeks to restore Christian traditions of morality to America. Both Schaper and ASI TV host Cliff Kincaid discuss the abolition of the FBI.


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4 thoughts on “The FBI Is The KGB

  1. It goes much wider and deeper. The US is actually being turned into a more efficient and malevolent version of the old USSR : the FBI is a more effective “thugs with badges” operation than the KGB, the NYT and the corporate media are the new Pravda, the universities are the new indoctrination factories creating entire cohorts of economic and cultural illiterates who embrace Marxism without a second thought. The FDA, CDC have formed a bulwark against sensible medical professional practice and a fear factory for population control. The most pernicious mechanism for setting and enforcing price controls has existed for many decades. It is called the Federal Reserve. If you control interest rates, you control the cost of capital and by extension, the prices of all other commodities. Bring in minimum wage regulation and you have s state controlled economic system primed to rob pensioners and widows and orphans. Let’s add “diversity and inclusion” as a method for destroying professional competence. My fellow Americans, you are the “boiled frogs” in this witches’ brew and most of you don’t even realize it!

  2. The FBI has been a nest of traitors for just about as long as the FBI has existed. Their treason has been exposed MANY times in my lifetime alone, but NOTHING has ever been done to reign them in, or cancel them. WHY? Traitor lawyers, traitor judges and traitor lawgivers. Money and power, power and money. Rich traitors cannot continue their march toward tyranny/an America monarchy, without a KGB (FBI) to keep their political enemies in check, or kill them. The principals on which the USA was founded on, have been dead for a century, and the lawyers, judges and lawgivers have been marching towards the destruction of a free Republic, so their political power can never be challenged again. God help Patriots in their coming civil war.

  3. “There are good FBI people” No there aren’t, if there were, they would do their job, and arrest their bosses.

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