The New Face Of The GOP Is Trans

By: Cliff Kincaid

Just when the Republicans are poised to dump Rep. Liz Cheney from House GOP leadership, they are embracing ex-masculine man Caitlyn Jenner as a candidate for Governor of California. Caitlyn, once known as Bruce, immediately went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show in high heels to be crowned as the new conservative white trans hope.

The GOP will evolve from the status of the stupid party into the pansy party, driving real men away and giving a confusing message about masculinity.

The endorsement of the faux woman Jenner comes on the eve of Mother’s Day, May 9, when real women are celebrated for giving birth to real boys and girls.

Any nation that wants to survive into the future has to reproduce boys and girls, not make boys into girls.

The Jenner candidacy comes at a time when the Republican Party of California has an opportunity to vote Democrat Gavin Newsom out of office in a recall election. But it also seems timed to disrupt a wave of anti-trans legislation in Republican states to prevent transgender exploitation of young men made to look like girls and compete in women’s sports.

The transgender movement has its roots in the work of Harry Hay, a homosexual member of the Communist Party who dabbled in the occult, wore dresses, and called himself a “Fairie.” Leslie Feinberg, a male-to-female transgender member of the Workers World Party, also pioneered this “lifestyle.”

The Communist front group known as “Refuse Fascism” is today a leading promoter of the “trans” lifestyle,  warning of the dangers of Republican legislation to protect women’s sports from men posing as women.

Along comes Jenner, a key player in America’s cultural wars who claims to be a Republican but is very confused sexually.

On the heels of his/her Hannity appearance, the conservative-oriented Just the News website proclaimed, “Jenner lays out conservative platform in bid to become next California governor,” with a subheadline about the candidate describing herself as “pro-law enforcement,” “pro-border protection,” and “pro-ICE.”

He/she was quick to proclaim, “No boys in girls sports,” appealing to conservatives who believe in biological differences between the sexes. But since this is a woman who was once a man, a famous Olympic athlete, one has to wonder what’s going on here. It’s either a publicity stunt or a Democratic Party plot to make Republicans look silly.

When former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner declared himself “Caitlyn,” the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) went into action, issuing an “Open Letter to Our Colleagues” on how to “accurately” cover “Caitlyn Jenner.”

The verdict from this special interest lobby was that Bruce Jenner can call himself anything he/she wants to, and the media are obligated to go along with whatever or whoever he says he wants to be. Now, Republicans and conservatives seem eager to oblige.

It bears repeating that DNA determines whether a person is male or female. One is born a male or female and this information is recorded on a birth certificate. People can change birth certificates but not their DNA.

The Bruce Jenner interview in 2015 with ABC News, declaring himself a woman, was the most visible manifestation of the campaign to make the “transgendered” into another oppressed minority group. Before he went on Hannity’s show, he was telling his email audience in advance that “The Caitlyn for California team is putting together a list of supporters who choose to step up during this defining moment. I’m going to review the list right before I get on stage with Sean Hannity and I want you to know that nothing would motivate me more than to see YOUR NAME at the VERY TOP of the list.”

It looks like a money-making scheme.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth says, “I like a lot of what ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is saying, but there is this little problem of a biological man (and father & one-time heroic male athlete) who now THINKS he’s a ‘woman’ carrying the message for a Republican Party that purports to be God-fearing and for traditional values.”

Other conservatives are confused by it all. After watching him/her on Hannity, Steven Crowder of Blaze TV said that he “would love to have Jenner on his program.” This is the mark of a click-bait conservative eager for laughs and ratings.

Kelsey Bolar of The Federalist said Jenner was an example of Republican Party tolerance. Writing for the same publication, Emily Jashinsky was more cautious, warning about the transgender agenda but concluding in a two-faced fashion: “If there’s good reason to believe Republicans either back Jenner or get Newsom, I think there’s a good argument to make that an unqualified Jenner would be better than a demonstrably disastrous leader like Newsom. But if the GOP and the broader conservative movement get behind a Jenner candidacy and Jenner supports the normalization of radical gender ideology, they will be complicit in a moral abomination, given the issue’s immediately harmful consequences for children and women.”

How can a Jenner candidacy, with a man appearing as a woman, do anything but support “the normalization of radical gender ideology?” Having surrendered to gay “marriage” and other perversions, the Republican Party and their conservative house organs are now ready to hop on the trans train. It leads to destruction – of the party and the nation.

The Democrats are laughing themselves silly as Republicans take the bait.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.


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4 thoughts on “The New Face Of The GOP Is Trans

  1. Ah! But the “GOP” as you and I know it does not exist anymore. Today’s GOP loves the “lipstick-ed” pig.

  2. A pig with lipstick is still a pig with lipstick. This mentally ill nutcase never has nor ever will represent the GOP.

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