Epilogue To A Friendship

By: Tabitha Korol

I had been invited to lunch with an old friend with whom there is no more common ground. Despite all my efforts to explain that I will no longer be censored, she extends yet another invitation, cannot address specific issues, uses words without substance, and remains in her “safe space.” Such is the mindset of the left.               


I could not overlook the sincerity of her many overtures for lunch and renewed friendship, which is why I decided to write at length – not only as a courtesy but to lay bare our crucial differences. She believed we could maintain a friendship despite our ideas, and I didn’t see that possibility. She votes for the destruction of my country, for a sellout to China, to welcome losing our individual freedoms, and for the numerous hate-spewing antisemites that the Democrats (Pelosi, et al) put into powerful positions, the most renowned being Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC.

Her actions changed our schools, encouraged the terribly divisive Critical Race Theory that boosts a deleterious racial divide, the over-sexualization of our kindergarteners, and a sickness of transgenderism whose consequences are horrific mutilation, regret, and increasing suicides. While I supposed her daughter’s son is secure in a special school (although I cautioned of past dangers to the disabled/handicapped), I was surprised to learn that her son’s children are homeschooled. Hence, she has no concerns about all other children in our country, their indoctrination against America, and our founding principles. Did she know her grandchildren may face grave danger because of accusations of “white supremacy,” and today’s curricula, where students learn that inferior whites are the source of every affliction and inequity? The darker-skinned children are thus infused with a false sense of victimhood and rage, with defeatism that actually decreases their morale, their motivation, and their chances to thrive. Hiring decisions are now based on skin color, not merit, and white farmers have just been banned from the federal COVID relief program because of their complexion; their toil, expenses, equal suffering due to blight, climate, and coronavirus are annulled. The ideology of the left damages everyone.

I reminded her that her vote went to financing Antifa and the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement so that they might loot businesses, damage private property, topple monuments, ruin entire neighborhoods, harm residents, and work to defund the police so that their destruction might continue unconstrained. Her vote is partly responsible for Biden’s increased taxation to provide for migrants’ care, food, clothing, and even one-on-one schooling by teachers who refused to teach our children in public schools! Her views are destroying our economy, and we will soon live and die as those in Russia, Cuba, China, Venezuela, etc. Rush Limbaugh said, “No nation has ever been taxed into prosperity.” My friend and her husband always seemed so bright, but how could I maintain a friendship with the enemy of my country? I had a lump in my throat now that my thoughts, once random, were taking shape in the printed word.

Although she said she respected my views, she invariably stifled them. She had a knack for deftly switching subjects before I knew what hit me. She alibied her views as complex and nuanced, but these are vagaries and evasion, not even euphemisms, but empty, meaningless syllables. I granted she was not a weapon-wielding radical, but she empowered others to do her dirty work. There is no middle ground: one is either for us or against us.

I believe that she never admitted her true allegiance because she subconsciously knew it was immoral – and anti-patriotic. Whatever she favors – socialism/communism, or fascism/Naziism, or globalism, or Islam – it is not Americanism but a totalitarian ideology that endangers us all. The common German who turned his Jewish neighbor over to the Gestapo also suffered during the war, if not by torture, then from fear, starvation, bombings, and loss of loved ones. Even the American traitor will eventually succumb to America’s future.

Votes that put President Trump into office resulted in four years of increased freedom, the ability to thrive as far as our intellect and energy allowed, whereas Obama/Soros/Biden is already leading to our subjugation to despots. I could never look this woman in the eye amid our collapsing world. When the first illegal alien was permitted entry, raped and murdered one of our own, spread some disease among the population, I would recognize that her actions had contributed. When this administration continues to provide trillions of dollars to foreign entities while our own citizens live on the streets, I’ll understand that she bore no remorse. When AOC’s Green New Deal destroys a major food source – cattle for beef and dairy products – I would remember who put her into office. When our government again remunerates Palestinians to kill Israelis, I would remember who directed my income to kill my kin.  When Bill Gates continues to buy and neglect agricultural land to thwart food production and depopulate the world (the way Stalin starved millions), I would wonder if she connected the dots. Those who starve and die would not be assuaged by her “nuances.” China also owned nearly 30 million acres of American farmland by mid-2019, then valued at more than $1.4 billion, with the help of her allegiance to the Democrat Party.

When once I assumed that she was so busy working, that she was really ignorant of the changes in our world, I now grasp she knew more than she alleged, that her vote would impact the end of our Republic.

Had this “friend” read my book, Confronting the Deception, Inflamed by 9/11, fired up by the Deep State, she’d have known that I spent two decades confronting the deception, in Islam, academia, and the media. I had long been dealing with “complexities and nuance” – prepared for another such occasion. However, I do recommend to her and my readers, Hitler’s Naziism and our left, to face the similarities between fascism and our world; they are not coincidental.

There is a stunning video, a brief warning, by a Holocaust survivor who recognizes the commonalities between today’s world and the events of the 1930s, yet we still have neighbors, some quite learned and multi-degreed, who pretend to slumber for their own personal interests. Selling out one’s country for the sake of an exclusive “nuance” is not love of country, but love of self at the expense of one’s country. It’s a form of betrayal with a lame alibi to assuage one’s conscience. I was dim-witted and naïve – shocked to find that some of our acquaintances, who should have been eternally grateful for living in America, were underhandedly against Israel and our heritage. I remain baffled by the depth of their insidious philosophy. 

I continued to write that we are controlled by those who won a fraudulent election, an almost bloodless coup, aided by the skills, wealth, and sheer power of High Tech. America’s children are being taught what to think, and our adults are being controlled on how to think and what to say. If their influence can obstruct the President of the United States from reaching out to his citizenry, then it could happen to anyone. Remember the famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller. If there is only one who is not safe, we may rest assured that the second is not far behind. Thomas Jefferson warned us that, “A government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.”

The prime instigator of conflict is fear, and using the coronavirus as that fear has forced us into lockdowns, to not work or attend school, to not gather in groups or travel to family, to wear ineffective face masks, and maintain distance from friends and family. Our “leaders” have frightened many into accepting injections not proven thoroughly effective and safe into the future, while also withholding statistics from us, and continuing to press us to surrender weapons that we might one day need for self-protection.

Recall that a non-academic Bill Gates instituted the damaging Common Core standards into our school systems; the non-medically trained Bill Gates wants to enforce his vaccinations on everyone for a national tracking system to monitor and control our buying, business, and travel activities, not to mention increasing his colossal profits (his depopulation statements have been removed from the Internet). The non-scientist Bill Gates is backing the development of sun-dimming technology to darken our planet and ruin our sources of food; and the bigoted,  narcissistic Bill Gates has declared the science of math racist. The arrogant, fraudulent Dr. Antony Fauci, a ten-year associate who often collaborated on the Gates Foundation Vaccine Action Plan, including gene-based therapies, who stands to inflate his standard of living, has been caught on numerous lies.

As gasoline prices will soar because we are no longer self-sustaining (Biden closed many Trump accomplishments that grew our economy), unemployment increases while we must all support illegals, and agriculture becomes more limited (Gates and hyperinflation), it will be more expensive and difficult-to-impossible to get farmed produce to the cities. My “old friend” may still believe that her business will continue despite Biden’s promises of “affordable housing” throughout suburbia while her neighbors shop for food in the local dumpster.

With the southern border wall left unfinished, Biden is again increasing taxes (seen as the largest ever experienced in America) for Obama’s coveted redistribution of wealth, also known as outright theft from the working class to sustain the illegal and idle. News reports already announce the higher percentage of the criminal element – drug cartels, sex traffickers (of which children make up 27%), because happy, healthy, safe, and self-sufficient people do not emigrate. Our homeless sleep on the streets and the invaders are housed in hotels. The children who do make it here in safety will be followed by family members because of chain migration, and our grandchildren will never know the America we had.

In closing, I was wrong to think she lived in a bubble; she knew her repeated invitations included no compromise. In all her overtures, she offered only more of the same. Albert Einstein is oft credited with saying that insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. I regret to add that the promise of lunch and friendship with this “old friend,” on the same old terms, is just not in the cards.


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7 thoughts on “Epilogue To A Friendship

  1. Those who studied the common people who enabled the Holocaust — the typist who produced the Endloesung and transporation orders, the train engineers, who kissed their wives and went off to work, taking trainloads of those deemed to be the enemies of the State to the Death camps — saw these as enablers of tyranny. There was a certain banality of evil.

    And now, decades later, our fellow Americans fail to see their willing contributions to the destruction of our Constitutional rights, our economy, our morals, our religion and our race.

    But, from my own experience, opposite that of the author’s, the loss of friendship has been coming from the Left. Something has happened to the Left. As if a switch has been thrown and their hatred for America, and all things once thought good, has suddenly turned volcanic. If you are a Trump supporter, the Left has given itself license to violently tear a flag from someone’s hands, rip down a poster, set fire to a business, destroy memorials, crack an American’s skull with a steel bike lock wielded as an improvised weapon.

    Kids, coming home from Indoctrination U, think nothing of upending the joy of Thanksgiving dinner, and erstwhile friends, once the see the red cape of a Trump hate, now hate you, steal signs from your yard and key your car.

    Some have suggested that much of this hatred has been bankrolled, instigated and directed by a GLADIO political destabilization effort, once used by our intelligence community exclusively overseas, now turned inward against America itself, by the likes of Brennan, Clapper, Obama and others.

  2. thank you for the article I needed to read, as I too have not seen dear friends, or so I always believed to be true friends when we are polar opposites on everything. Liberalism is a mindset,, I cannot see them again, everytime I look at them.. I see evil in the heart..

  3. One of the best articles that I have read to authentically discuss this issue many of us are facing. Letting go of old friends is a well respected art form.

  4. “No middleground…” Of course not! Lenin himself made it crystal-clear that it would either be the “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” or the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, with zero middleground in between. The Revolution wants nothing less than the total inversion of the traditional order. No compromise (apart from temporary, tactical concessions). No prisoners. If somebody follows that path, or merely sympathises with its programme, he has already made his pact with hell. How can he ever expect continued friendship with someone who travels on the exact opposite road, the road of goodness, sincerity, and truth? Such a “friendship” would be a complete lie, as well as dangerous to the one who stands on the side of righteousness. Leaving behind such questionable friendships may hurt at the moment, but will end up being – to use the communists’ favourite slogan – a true liberation!

  5. Elections have consequences.

    Thank you for pointing out the real ramifications of voting for the Left and their ideology, going beyond a candidate’s personality and hair style. Now, will they ‘fess up and admit they were wrong?

    “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked person rules, people groan.” -Proverbs 29:2

  6. The problem is yours. You don’t talk politics and you don’t blame your friend for all the world’s problems.

    Meaningful Friendships are too valuable to throw away, in my opinion.

    If your liberal friend just can’t help herself and starts making political comments every response is, “Why do you think that way”, “I don’t understand can you explain”.

    Never argue, Never counter with facts and evidence, just take it all in – and learn.

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