Audio Proves John Kerry Is A Traitor

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister and long-time friend of John Kerry, had an interview recording with an economist named Saeed Leylaz in March. The call was recorded and leaked to a London-based Persian news outlet called Iran International.

Inside the call, Zarif revealed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps actually runs the country and often is at odds with Zarif. Additionally admitted was the death of Qassim Suleimani, the commander of the Guard’s elite force known as the Quds Force has damaged the country. Suleimani exploited his power in the nuclear deal, the war plans in Syria as well as ground operations.

Based on how the New York Times twists the facts and alters the full truth, there are some details spelled out that are interesting, found here.

There are already calls in Washington, DC for John Kerry to resign and there is justification for that, however, not before there is a full hearing in the Senate. Why you ask? Also included in the Zarif interview was the admission that John Kerry often spoke to Zarif and in one particular case shared the highly classified fact(s) that Israel was behind at least 200 airstrikes in Syria. Zarif says he was shocked that Kerry would reveal such protected information and betray Israel.

It cannot be understated that John Kerry has split loyalties and his advocacy for Iran continues to be extraordinary. Kerry does in fact maintain a security clearance and does sit on the Biden National Security Council as the climate czar. Frankly, that position is likely to be just an official cover to continue his foreign policy work with U.S. adversaries including China and Russia.

It is hardly a surprise that the Biden White House refuses to comment, stating they do not respond to leaked tape(s) or determine the authenticity of them. Well, hey Biden people… you opened communication channels with Iran to restart the nuclear deal talks, so pick up the phone and call Zarif to gain authenticity. Yeesh.

It should be noted that when one has security clearance, a signature is required that includes a major stipulation that the candidate is subject to federal prosecution if classified material is divulged and not approved for release. Perhaps it is time to use the FISA court for its real intended purpose and issue subpoenas for John Kerry’s communication(s) records including enlisting the NSA for the validation of emails, phone calls, encrypted text messages, or written documents. John Kerry should be suspended from all official government positions and all activities until a full hearing is performed.

The next question is what will Israel do in this case? It is interesting that Israel did send an envoy to the U.S. just a few days ago including those from the Mossad for discussion at the Department of Defense. It should also be noted that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visited Israel on April 12/13th for discussions regarding the mysterious Natanz explosion where enriching uranium was advancing at a faster pace. There were likely many other items discussed during this confab, quite possibly the Zarif interview, John Kerry, and sanctions.

This is a brewing scandal and the Biden White House needs to come clean.


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2 thoughts on “Audio Proves John Kerry Is A Traitor

  1. Due process for Treason: Issue warrant, arrest, arraign, prosecute, convict, sentence, execute.

  2. One could rather hope that this fits into the “GITMO” narrative, as Congressional hearings have been “Clown shows” since the Congress of all members started them. Kerry was involved in the Vietnam War debacle, as a treaonious supporter of the Chinese & North Vietnamese. Under current political conditions, it is possible he will be indicted for same.

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