The Ruse Of Spontaneous Rage

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By: Tabitha Korol

The violence in our streets – the theft, physical harm, and the wanton destruction – are not new to civilization.  The riots and criminality did not arise spontaneously because of sympathy, morality, or righteousness.  The “players,” are being played, manipulated with their own smaller grievances and a sense of anonymity, for a far greater purpose.***

It has been said that the assassination of Ernst vom Rath, a lower-level German diplomat stationed in Paris, was the spark for Kristallnacht, that we now recognize as a tactic, a grievance to use for a course of action, the means of manufacturing spontaneous rage.  The backstory begins with Hershel Grynszpan, a 17-year-old German-born refugee of Polish-Jewish parents who had been sent to an uncle in Paris to escape imminent persecution.  His parents were now among the many thousands of Polish Jews expelled and abandoned at the German-Polish border, refused entry and sanctuary in their native land.  Perhaps distraught over his parents’ situation as well as his own, and fearful of the future, Grynszpan bought a gun, went to vom Rath’s office for assistance, and, when it was denied, shot him in despair.  Vom Rath was a minor bureaucrat, but this act was to be used as the spur, the justification, for Kristallnacht and all the unspeakable brutality to follow.

Antisemitism, the term coined by German journalist Wilhelm Marr in 1879, and anti-Marxism, had become a platform of the Nazi party by 1930.  The “master race” was advocating the extermination of Jews, homosexuals, Romani, blacks, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the physically and mentally handicapped, and all political opponents.  By 1933, Hitler was chancellor and Fuehrer of the Third Reich and had planned a pogrom for 10 November, Martin Luther’s birthday and the anniversary of the infamous Beer Hall Putsch on 8 November, followed by a march on 9 November 1923.  But since that was also the day that vom Rath died of his gunshot wounds, Foreign Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels saw this as the perfect catalyst to declare it a Jewish attack on the German people and the thrust for all Germans to spontaneously rise to mete out their own justice.  However, this was a well-orchestrated plot that resulted in a two-day pogrom throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and the occupied Czechoslovakian Sudetenland.

The bands of thugs had their weapons and sledgehammers, and their orders – they ransacked 1600 synagogues, setting some afire with worshippers inside; wrecked cemeteries, smashed tombstones, unearthed and defiled corpses; broke windows, looted thousands of homes and businesses – but with commands to remove archives and artifacts, which would be appropriated for the Reich.  Thirty thousand Jewish men were rounded up and put on awaiting trains for concentration camps.  The Jews were blamed for the pogrom and fined the equivalent of $37 trillion for damages and $37 trillion for clearing the wreckage, and another 100,000 Jews were sent to death camps.

Today there is a concerted effort to reduce America into such chaos. The ultimate purpose is to bring down the prevailing government. When the left, with all their conspiracies and hoaxes, could not unseat President Trump, another approach became necessary and it relied upon the tried-and-tested method of spontaneous rage.

Officer Derek Chauvin and two onlooking policemen were apprehended for the death of George Floyd.  These were merely the grievance and the stooge; the far grander events had been long-planned, organized, contracted, and funded, with provisions of bricks and assorted weaponry prepared and waiting to play a group that had been conditioned to respond in rage to the fitting stimulus.  The left used the black population as the most vulnerable to respond to Floyd’s death.  How do we know that?  During the first six months in Chicago, 1,500 people were shot, 350 more than 2019, and our population was silent.  Alarming rates of physical assault against Jews over the past year aroused no comments.  Eighteen people were killed in Chicago on Sunday, May 31, including David Dorn, 77, retired St. Louis police captain; Calvin L Horton Jr., 43, in Mpls; Javar Harrell, 21, while sitting in his car; Federal officer Dave Patrick Underwood, 53, while securing a US courthouse; Chris Beaty, 38, former Indiana University offensive lineman, and children, and barely a word was heard.

Americans in lockdown mode due to the COVID-19 virus offered no interference to the masked rioters’ violence.  The Black Lives Matter group, inspired by FBI-listed Assata Shakur, showed its sympathy to only one black, thereby negating their alleged mission and any of the other so-called altruistic issues – police brutality and racial inequality.  Taught to hate America, their destruction of Civil War monuments evolved into destruction of non-Confederate historical figures, courthouses, police stations, numerous nights of broken glasslooted stores, thousands of law enforcement officers seriously injured (some even blinded), thousands of victims wounded, and financial loss into the billions of dollars.

The Nazi book-burning campaign of the 1930s led by the German Student Union had already been duplicated when the Obama administration replaced the curricula of previous generations with dumbed-down courses that produce students who cannot define the American Civil War, identify who won the world wars, or name the founding documents that grant them the freedoms they’re ceding to tyranny.  At this writing, the insurgents are also burning bibles and the American flag, fighting against our protective police forces, and suggestions that are antithetical to their Marxist ideas.  They are being taught to hate America, that America created slavery, not that the US banned slavery and our doctrines and laws grant freedom to all.  For now, they are  canceling  those with whom they disagree, and beating others on the streets.  How long before they move on to burning people?

Leftist-progressives are not only primarily responsible for stoking these recent fires of chaos, they have long been undermining the family unit, denying children friendship and camaraderie, replacing class communication with computer time, studying multiculturalism and “inclusion” that purposely result in divisiveness and activism, replacing past studies with socialist concepts.  Children are marginalized and victimized by cultural stereotypes, racial and religious prejudices, male-toxicity shaming, white supremacist guilt, low-salaried unskilled workers and underpaid females, financial jealousies, LGBTQ issues, rioting against Americanism and President Trump, gun confiscation,  abortion, and what has finally come to light – shaming, and sexualizing beginning with the very young, resulting in myriad mental health disorders.

This is a revolution against America’s continued existence, founded by Marxists and buoyed by the Nation of Islam, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, each with its own agenda but all for destruction.  They come filled with anger, well-orchestrated and -armed, and dismissive of the whites who fought and died for freedom for all people.  Lest we assume this scenario of manufactured spontaneity is unique, here’s an extraordinary film that authenticates the advance planning and preparation that was two years in the making.

It is prudent to recall that Islamists continue to wage vicious attacks against others with the same ideas of provocation and vengeance.  Muslims have long held that they attack because Israel was established in 1948 on what they claim is Arab land, yet long before 1948, the Islamic Middle East was bathed in blood and Mohammed continued north into Europe to leave their mark against western civilization and our morality.  Most importantly, the collective left has pitted our own people against each other, using our naïve, uninformed children and young adults as their army.  Our elites have provided an atmosphere of contagion to increase the fears and compliance, and a narrative to decrease our protection,  Behind the scenes are George Soros, the monied globalists and technocrats, locally backed by democrat governors and mayors who disallow our protective forces from interrupting the mayhem, but encourage it.

We have come to understand that the issue is the revolution, the utter destruction. The motives, the causes, are merely the weapons.  Their purpose is to change America and our Judeo-Christian civilization, to dismantle the family, to remove our security and leave the citizenry helpless, and to replace them with whatever despotic regime prevails – communism, Islam, globalism, anarchism, a combination or something new – whatever survives the conflagration.

Tabitha Korol


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