Why No Protests Or Riots Over The Death Of Jeffrey Epstein?

By: Cliff Kincaid

In the Michael Brown case, we were told that a white cop killed a black man for no reason. That was a lie. Brown, high on marijuana, lunged for the cop’s gun and got shot in the process. In the George Floyd case, we were told he was just minding his own business passing counterfeit currency when he was killed with the knee of a white cop on his neck. We now know he was using meth and fentanyl. Protests and riots broke out. Meanwhile, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his network of elites rest in peace.

The medical examiner’s report shows Floyd was using meth and fentanyl, while the Minneapolis police union chief notes Floyd had a long criminal history that included cocaine and robbery. The report indicates that the drugs in his system were a factor in his death. It was truly unfortunate and sad. Perpetrators should not be dying in police custody. But Jeffrey Epstein died in the custody of the police, in this case, prison guards, too. Yet, the political left doesn’t seem to want to hold those responsible for his convenient death legally accountable. Does that have something to do with his connections to such institutions as Harvard, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bill Clinton? Or is it because their 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault and a race war is a distraction?

Some accounts of the George Floyd incident suggest he may have been in custody and escaped from the police car before being cornered by the cops and subdued. All of this will come out in the trial of the police officer. Perhaps the cop ultimately went too far, in using a knee on his neck, but this does not seem to be deliberate murder and it is a police procedure that has been used to keep a potentially violent criminal from attacking the cops. In this case, the cop may have suspected he was high on drugs, some of which can provoke frenzied and aggressive behavior by the perp. Meth can cause people to stop breathing and suffer heart attacks and strokes.  That can mean death, the outcome in this case.

Strangely, there has been no follow-up regarding the death in federal custody of Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile with high-powered connections to those who run our political establishment. The story they want you to believe is that the prison guards were asleep when Epstein hung himself using sheets by constructing a hangman’s noose.

We are supposed to believe that his federal prison guards just didn’t notice that their Big Money inmate was in the process of killing himself with bedsheets.

How convenient for the George Floyd case to now arrive on the scene, to help make us forget about Epstein’s light sentence for child trafficking and the politicians who associated with him and the lawyers popular on the Fox News channel who helped him escape serious penalties in the first place? Some on the left AND the right seem to have an interest in this scandal going away.

The scandalous handling of the Epstein case has been forgotten as our attention has shifted to the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, as marauding bands of communists inspired by Mao kill people, including cops, and lay siege to many of our major Democrat-run cities. Trump’s threat to call out the military to restore order has been undermined by his own Secretary Of Defense.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Epstein’s murder is the subject of a four-part Netflix series “Filthy Rich” that only touches the surface of his operation of an international child sex trafficking ring. Where are the demonstrations in the streets calling for justice in this case? They don’t happen because they don’t serve the interests of members of the political establishment. There are too many powerful people in America who want the Epstein case buried. Some are connected to Bill Clinton. Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago after learning that he sought a young girl for purposes of prostitution.

America has been played over and over again by the race war agitators eager to burn down America, and it is happening again, for obvious political purposes. The police union chief, Bob Kroll, says Minneapolis has been a hotbed for “terrorist” elements for some time, and that liberal officials have failed to buttress the ranks of the police to deal with the growing problem of lawlessness. He says a request for 400 more officers was rejected by the powers that be, and the money was instead diverted to “community activists with an anti-police agenda.”

Now, jumping into the mix, some outfit called the Minnesota Department of Human Rights is launching an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department for “discriminatory” actions. That’s typical. The lynching in this case will be of white police officers. The situation on the ground will get worse, as criminals arrested for rioting will be released when a second wave of coronavirus hits.

This railroad of racial “justice” is designed to rev up the black base to get Joe Biden elected president. The Democrats know Biden is uninspiring and barely able to talk coherently and function. He propped him up before a teleprompter on Tuesday to lecture America for 20 minutes about racism. Here was a guy who co-sponsored every major piece of pro-cop or anti-drug legislation over the last 20 years and now he is sounding like a bleeding-heart liberal who will somehow restore law and order by giving blacks reparations. The deception is carefully coordinated.

Biden is as believable as the claim that Epstein hung himself after jumping off a bunk bed in a heavily guarded jail cell.

None of this seems to matter much anymore, as the Party of Socialism and Liberation is predicting a long hot summer of racial unrest. This communist group is playing into Biden’s hands by changing the subject away from Biden’s sexual behavior and that of Epstein’s close friend Bill Clinton.

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org.


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  1. The present planned event to bring Trump down is being financed by one George Soros. This monster of a man has also financed the caravans of people travelling across Mexico to illegally enter the US. Soros is behind many groups who work to take out the leaders and governments of right wing led countries and he is financing the flooding Europe with young muslim men of military age. Soros is the real life version of Blofeld, head of SPECTRE, in James Bond movies. I wonder if Soros also owns a white Persian cat?

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