What “White Privilege” Means In Small-Town West Virginia

By: Lloyd Marcus

Two years ago, my wife Mary and I relocated from Florida to West Virginia to be closer to our elderly parents.  We have witnessed traditional American values displayed in our tiny town of 500, which I’ve affectionately nicknamed Trump Country, USA.  Our two shopping options are the country store/gas station and the Dollar General.

I am one of probably ten blacks in town.

On a trip to the Dollar General, I saw an elderly white gentleman in the parking lot slowly returning his shopping cart to the store. “I can take that for you sir,” I said.  “Thank you, young man,” he replied.  Then he asked, “Do I know you?  You look like someone I know.”  I replied, “No, sir.  We moved here two years ago.”

With a great warm smile, he said, “My name is Pop Kern.  I’m 89 years old.  I’ve lived here all my life.”  As we chatted, Pop Kern said, “At nine years old, I milked nine cows every morning before school and 9 cows after school.  My pay was $5 a week.”

I thought I guess Pop Kern did not get the memo about what Democrats call his racist and unfair “white privilege.”  He just got up every morning and did what he had to do to earn a living.  He lives in the home he grew up in, which he owns, and has acquired a second house.  I could tell he is a kind man who worked hard his entire life.

I’ve seen Pop Kern around town, walking in baby steps to pick up his mail at the post office.  He is always pleasant, giving me a wave, a smile, or a “have a good day.”

It turns my stomach the way despicable, evil Democrat presidential candidates say white men like Pop Kern are responsible for everything wrong in the world.  Democrats boldly proclaim that if elected president, they will punish Pop Kern — tax the heck out of him and force him to pay reparations to minorities and even illegal aliens.

Pop Kern said, “Where do you live?”  I described our location.  “I know where you live.  That’s the house with the beautiful front porch.  I’ve driven by and admired it several times,” he replied.

I did not tell Pop Kern that we won $50 for second place in the town’s annual Christmas home decorating contest.  The home that won first place had a gazillion lights.  No, I am not jealous.

Our conversation in the Dollar General parking lot was the first time Pop Kern and I actually chatted.  It ended with Pop Kern shaking my hand while saying, “Nice talking with you, Lloyd.  You’re a good man.”

The hate-filled war on straight white men has become so extreme that the University of Melbourne Student Union wants to ban white men from speaking in classes so women and transgenders will feel free to contribute to discussions.

Insane social justice warriors demand that white men be silenced — not allowed to have an opinion regarding reviewing movies, climate change, and everything in between.

Folks, we have allowed leftists to create a generation of hate-filled social justice warrior terrorists who believe that the world would be a much better place if we could get rid of scum-of-the-earth white guys like Pop Kern.

While I am pleased that more and more people are fighting back, we need more people telling SJWs, “No!  Back off!  Get a life, and get a job!”

The Democratic Party is the greatest distributor of class envy, racial hate, and division.  Democrats have disdain for all things patriotic, wholesome, and good.  The party has deteriorated to become a mob of hate-filled treasonous domestic terrorists who must be crushed in 2020.

Pop Kern still drives and takes care of himself. That is pretty cool.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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