40 Million New Democrat Voters: Will The ‘State Power Caucus’ Destroy America?

By: Trevor Loudon | The Epoch Times

A shadowy new alliance led by pro-China communists plans to mobilize 40 million new Democratic voters for the 2020 election.

This group, firstly known as the State-based Power Caucus and now simply the State Power Caucus, has the ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers and paid staff in New York, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

The State Power Caucus has already had a major political impact in Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, California, and several other states. This alliance could decide the 2020 election—yet it’s operating almost completely “under the radar.”

In July 2017, 20 state-based organizations from 13 states united to form the State-Based Power Caucus. The organization has no website and has generated very little publicity. We don’t even know its full roster of member organizations or the identities of most of its leaders.

What we do know is that most of its identified leaders come from “orbit” of Liberation Road—the United States’ main pro-China communist party. We also know that at least 22 major organizations in at least 15 states have now joined the caucus.


Most known leaders of the State Power Caucus have some connection to Liberation Road. Known until recently as the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Liberation Road is descended from radical Maoist groups from the 1960s and ‘70s. While no longer exclusively Maoist in outlook, Liberation Road maintains ties to China, Cuba, and other communist nations and movements.

Identified leaders of the State Power Caucus include:

Jon Liss—co-chair of the New Virginia Majority, national chair of State Power Caucus. Long-time member of Liberation Road.

Andrea Mercado—co-chair of The New Florida Majority, leadership team State Power Caucus.

Bob Wing—organizing committee State Power Caucus. Former member of Maoist grouping Line of March. A long-time Liberation Road affiliate.

Anthony Thigpenn—founder and president of California Calls and leadership team member of the State Power Caucus.

Claire Tran—State Power Caucus staff. Long-time Liberation Road member.

Member Organizations

Most of the State Power Caucus affiliates are led by Liberation Road cadre or supporters. Some of the organizations are former affiliates of ACORN, the discredited “community organizing” organization exposed by Project Veritas, Glenn Beck, and others.

Confirmed organizations affiliated to the State Power Caucus include:

California Calls is a California-wide alliance with includes the renamed ACORN affiliate Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, several Liberation Road influenced organizations including Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Community Coalition, Strategic Concepts in Organizing Policy Education, Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, Oakland Rising, San Francisco Rising Alliance plus California Federation of Teachers, Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement, Dolores Huerta Foundation, and several others. These groups have signed up hundreds of thousands of mainly “minority” voters to turn California into one the most heavily Democratic states in the country.

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth claims 7,500 members across the state and played a role in the recent defeat of Republican Gov. Matt Bevin. One of Democratic Governor-elect Andy Beshear’s first actions was to restore voting rights to 100,000 Kentucky felons—a move lobbied for by Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. One of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s key leaders, Meta Mendel-Reyes, was involved with the pro-China League of Revolutionary Struggle in the 1980s and has served on the board of the Liberation Road-led Highlander Research and Education Center in Tennessee.

New Virginia Majority can claim credit more than any other organization for turning reliably Republican Virginia into a Democratic state. In 10 years of solid organizing New Virginia Majority claims to have signed up more than 200,000 Democratic-leaning “minority” voters. The group also worked closely with former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe to re-instate voting rights to more than 200,000 disenfranchised felons.

The New Florida Majority, like its Virginia cousin, is a front for Liberation Road. The New Florida Majority has signed up tens of thousands of “minority” voters for the Democratic Party and has helped elect several state-level politicians in Southern Florida. In 2018, the organization also worked with Organize Florida (formerly Florida ACORN) to pass a referendum re-enfranchising 1.4 million felons for the 2020 election. The New Florida Majority almost succeeded in electing the leftist Mayor of Tallahassee to the Florida Governor’s Mansion in 2018.

Washington Community Action Network is the state chapter of USAction. The group claims that in May 2019, Gov. Jay Inslee signed “their” Eviction Reform Bill into law. Washington Community Action Network executive director Mary Le Nguyen was a 2017 alumna of the Liberation Road-affiliated Rockwood Leadership Institute, an Oakland, California-based school for “community organizers.”

The Plan

It’s no secret that the communist rulers of China would love to see President Donald Trump defeated in 2020.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Beijing’s American franchise has a plan to do just that.

According to State Power Caucus leader Jon Liss writing in Organizing Upgrade:

“Inspired by the disaster of Trump and Trumpism two years out most organizers are engaged in barroom or coffee shop speculation about the 2020 election. …

“All of it is idle speculation unless ‘we’ collectively organize tens of millions of the 108 million eligible voters who didn’t vote in 2016. That’s right, one hundred and eight million eligible voters chose not to register or to vote in 2016. The non-voting block is disproportionately young, poor and people of color.”

So how does Liberation Road plan to harvest these millions of potential Democrat voters? They claim credit for nearly 4 million new voters in 2016—but the target is way higher for 2020.

“Over the last twenty-five years, state power organizations have grown to fill the political space created by the decline of Democratic Party local organization, the breakup and collapse of ACORN, and low levels of voter turnout. …

“These organizations have deep strategic knowledge and practice in their particular states. Starting in the summer of 2017 many leading state-power organizations have come together as a caucus to support peer-to-peer learning and incubate innovate organizing practices. …

“The State Power Caucus has worked to first analyze the collective reach of the national networks who engage in electoral and civic engagement work. …

“We’ve also begun to assess the collective impact of state-based organizations. Looking at 2016, our rough estimate is that at most 4 million people were contacted and encouraged to vote. This is our high-water estimate. The actual number who actually voted is probably much lower still.

“Now, recall the 108 million people who were eligible but not voting? They are largely our ‘core’ constituency, or in other terms, they are our unorganized social base. This 108 million when compared to the voting electorate is more Black, more immigrant, more working class and poor.

“If we initially target just half of the 108 million, and we acknowledge that some in that half are going to disagree with our values and politics, some aren’t going to vote no matter what, and some are in geographies that we just can’t reach, we believe our real voter mobilization target number is 40 million, and we’ve agreed as a caucus to that number as our target. That’s our natural consistency.

“These are the voters or potential voters who put AOC and Ilhan Omar into Congress. They are our friends and family, and they are the everyday members and supporters of our organizations that fight for racial justice at the state and local level.”

The State Power Caucus believes that 40 million new anti-Trump voters is both realistic and achievable.

“The State Power Caucus is committed to working more effectively, efficiently and collaboratively with national social justice networks. Together, we look to take a big leap forward and move from mobilizing 4 million and organizing many less to mobilizing and organizing many times more.

“The long game to defeat white nationalism and move past neo-liberal corporatism is by building a bottom up movement of 40 million people.

“At a minimum that is a movement where people vote consistently and consciously. Where people share our values for racial, gender and social justice and where people believe they have the capacity to rule.”

Does the Republican Party even understand what’s coming? While President Trump is confronting China on trade and challenging China’s military in the Pacific, his voter base is being undermined by pro-China communists in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Arizona. If Liberation Road can flip only two or three states in the South, a China-appeasing Democrat takes the White House in 2020.

Permanent Socialism

The United States stands one election away from permanent socialism—otherwise known as “communism.” If the Democrats win in 2020 they will use the organs of the state to destroy their enemies. They will flood the country with immigrants, legal and illegal, and they will swamp the conservative voting base. They will consolidate their power just like they did in Cuba and Venezuela, and a free America will be over forever.

And all this could happen because a few hundred pro-China communists, with mountains of money from the Democracy Alliance, unions, and tax-free foundations are allowed to out-organize Trump and the Republicans in the South.

It’s perfectly legal to sign up “minority” voters for the Democratic Party. It’s not legal to do that to the advantage of a hostile foreign power.

The State Power Caucus and their constituent groups should become the number one priority for federal and state investigative bodies.

Trevor Loudon is an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand. For more than 30 years, he has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics.


Author: Trevor

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8 thoughts on “40 Million New Democrat Voters: Will The ‘State Power Caucus’ Destroy America?

  1. Given the decades (since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and lack of border wall security) of non-whites, who vote over 75% Democratic left, entering the United States (both legal and illegal) the demographics has changed so drastically in America that soon rightwing conservatives will be politically marginalized and never able to win another national election. John Mark predicts that Trump, even if he wins in 2020, will be the last Republican president! Keep in mind that there are two ways to effect political change…at the ballot box or out of the end of the barrel of a gun! Once the well-armed American grassroots rightwing patriots figure this out, they will not go quietly into the night!

  2. Forget the voting booth. This will have to be settled in the streets. You can forget the courts too. They’re just as corrupt and worthless.

  3. Sheep herders.
    If China wants to change America into a Communist country by herding sheep.
    All I can say is good luck,
    Cuz’ it ain’t going to happen.
    Even our sheep will harder than cats.
    And the rest of us?
    Wait and see.

  4. Clearly the REPs are NOT paying attention as they should. Here is an eamil I semt recently that explains it all :

    “There are many fronts and methods to the various fraudul3ee voting processes and that is why I was and still am very disturbed by Nearmans insistence it is NOT even problem ? Hard to imagine many REPs are that ignorant, but they are . I see it here in my county in a huge way daily. It is all about denying reality and it does not take much thought to realize what happens when you do that ? It opens the door to ever more of the same shit and here we are in it in spades ongoing !

    Three main problems exist. 1A issues, 2A issues and the massive voter fraud that is out of control and growing and will be worse than ever for 2020 . Should be obvious because the DEMs cannot survive or win without massive cheating and coercion, lies and distortions. So of course they now will ramp up illegal and fraudulent voting which is why they created the massive invasion in the last 3 years.

    And guess what ? Our own State Dept pays many supposed Christian churches $2100 per head for all the illegals that are relocated and helped to get on freebies in their new homes all across the nation ! Multiply that $2100 X the minimum 2 million in the last 3 years that came over and then realize that is just the people that were caught or freely gave themselves up ? So the real numbers are far past that and at least 3 to 5 million or more ! We do not know because nobody will keep the real records because they do not want you to know about any of it at all. As well we are spending over $100 Billion a year to keep these illegals here and nobody knows the entire real number, so that is also a minimum number that is known because the real records are NOT allowed to be kept or exposed ?

    This is the challenge for the 2020 and so far the REPs are again asleep at the wheel or complicit , problem is we still have too many RINOs and just plain ignorant fools in place unwilling to speak much if any truth of the matters”


    1. I’m not poor people or black, and I love what Trump is doing: keeping his promises. He is the best president since Reagan.

  5. You could see this coming from a mile away. (Unless you are unconscious). Every house/parcel will have (like automobiles) a carbon score. When the owner goes to sell there will be a state and/or federal automatic carbon conveyance tax lien which will follow the property (Torrens system) until paid or discharged with carbon tax credits. Not only will a real estate broker be at the passing, but a tax lien broker. Guess who will run the brokerage for these carbon tax credits?

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