Why Russian Communists Oppose American Vaccines

Disclaimer: While I don’t personally support this mass vaccination program, people need to be aware that the Russians are spreading anti-American and anti-vax propaganda to further divide and destroy the West. – Trevor Loudon

By: Cliff Kincaid

Moscow Times reports that Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov claims that the coronavirus vaccine is part of American billionaire Bill Gates’ “globalist” plot to implant microchips into the population. In a previous article, the publication said Zyuganov believes that “an eventual vaccine against the new coronavirus is part of a capitalist plot to implant microchips into humans” and ensure their “digital enslavement.”

He sounds like some fundamentalist religious American conservatives opposed to Trump’s Warp Speed vaccines.

But Zyuganov’s comments are intended for an American audience since the Russian and not the American vaccines are being offered to the Russian people.

The exact quote from Zyuganov was, “The globalists are ready to use the most sophisticated technologies of digital enslavement: Among them, a covert mass chip implantation under the pretext of a mandatory vaccination against coronavirus.”

Russian Communist Party members distributed “anti-vaccination leaflets” in Moscow claiming the vaccines include “nanotechnological products that emit electromagnetic fields,” enter the body, and kill its recipients. This claim has been made by some anti-vaxxers in the United States. They say the vaccines make you magnetic and connect humans to the 5G communications networks.

The irony is that the American vaccines were made possible by a refugee from communist Hungary, a scientist by the name of Katalin Karikó. “The development of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, the first approved jab in the West, is the crowning achievement of decades of work for Hungarian biochemist Katalin Kariko, who fled to the US from communist rule in the 1980s,” noted a France24 news story.

In fact, it was her mRNA research that led to the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. She then went to work as Senior Vice President at BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals and is now researching possible cures for human genetic diseases, a field called “mRNA Therapeutics.”

She was made an “Honorary Citizen” of Szeged, Hungary, where she started her university career and faced controversy when a researcher found that she was listed in government documents as an asset for the security services under the Soviet-backed Communist regime of János Kádár. But she was not an active agent. “I knew how the system worked, I was afraid, so I signed the recruitment document,” she said. “In the years that followed, I did not give any written report, I did not harm anyone. In order to continue my scientific activity and research, I had to leave.”

Discussing the pandemic in America, she told a Hungarian news outlet in May, “If we can keep the pace of vaccinations up, then we should be more or less alright by the summer. If the virus has nobody to multiply in, it will not mutate, and it will simply end.”

But resistance to the vaccines has made that almost impossible. What’s more, conservatives opposed to the vaccines on “Mark of the Beast” and other grounds are increasingly being depicted as anti-mask and anti-vax “extremists.”

It’s important to note that the Russian Communists, like all communists, do not oppose state-sanctioned mandatory vaccination programs.

The Russian Communist Party signed an international statement saying that “The main method of combating communicable diseases is widespread, rapid and effective immunization. Unfortunately, capitalism in the 21st century has been incapable of implementing this basic formula for a worldwide infection, as seen in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The statement went on to say that “Anti-vaccine campaigns and unscientific disinformation must be decisively addressed.”

This is more evidence that the Russian communist campaign against vaccines is designed to make American and Western vaccines look bad in the eyes of the international community.

The document also calls for “The abolition of the so-called intellectual property rights, namely patents, on all COVID-19 vaccines and treatment formulations used or being developed, as well as necessary legal regulations for this in all countries.”

Here, Joe Biden is siding with the communists. He has proposed to abrogate vaccine patents that do not belong to the U.S. government. He wants to give away intellectual property that enabled American companies to mass-produce vaccines that are the envy of the world.

China Joe wants to give to the Russians and Chinese technology they couldn’t produce themselves.

The book, Mass Vaccination: Citizens’ Bodies and State Power in Modern China, describes how the Chinese Communist Party “quickly asserted itself in the daily lives of all citizens” through vaccinations.

But the COVID vaccines produced and distributed by the Chinese Communist Party are not considered that effective. The Washington Post notes, “Southeast Asian countries that had widely rolled out Chinese-made coronavirus vaccines are turning away from the shots in favor of Western alternatives as they scramble to contain deadly outbreaks caused by the delta variant.”

The story added, “Yet even before the delta variant surge, people showed a preference for Western-made vaccines, particularly the mRNA shots developed by the United States.”

While the rest of the world, including anti-government protesters in Cuba, demand access to American vaccines that work, American opposition to Trump’s Warp Speed vaccines in the United States can be found mostly among those who voted for Trump. It is one of the strange developments being exploited by the Russian communists. 

*Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc. www.usasurvival.org 


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