Time To Start A Recall Process For California

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Recalling a governor has been done before (Gray Davis) in California for reasons not nearly as serious as those under present Governor Gavin Newsom. Procedures are here.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

He pardoned several felons just last month including those that committed grand theft, solicited a murder for hire operation in a street gang network, and even forgery.

There is a growing homeless problem that is so far out of control the Center for Disease Control should declare several cities/counties a threat to public safety for disease control and prevention. In fact, the CDC spends more than $3 million out of their California office and most of that is earmarked for Los Angeles. 

Remember that boondoggle of a high-speed rail system? Well, the federal government kicked in $2.5 billion and canceled a balance of $930 million since Newsom, for the most part, terminated the rail construction. There is some chatter about restarting the high-speed rail construction where the cost would blow up to $77 billion. But hold on… there is more about this. California owes landowners under eminent domain. Seems many of those landowners moved away for nothing, literally nothing. Businesses wonder too about their financial sacrifice. Others could not sell their real estate that was not part of the rail system or eminent domain because it was too near the proposed rail project and the land was essentially declared worthless.

John Diepersloot squinted under a bright Central Valley sun, pointing to the damage to his fruit orchard that came with the California bullet train.

He lost 70 acres of prime land. Rail contractors left mounds of rubble along his neat rows. Irrigation hoses are askew. A sophisticated canopy system for a kiwi field, supported by massive steel cables, was torn down.

But what really irritates Diepersloot is the $250,000 that he paid out of his own pocket for relocating wells, removing trees, building a road and other expenses.

“I am out a quarter-million bucks on infrastructure, and they haven’t paid a dime for a year,” he said. “I don’t have that kind of money.” Read more of the sad/pathetic stories here.

Now, Governor Newsom has declared undocumented immigrants will get state-paid healthcare. The state already has financial obligations it has not paid and must honor to make things right for her citizens before he can go spend $98 million. Where did that number even come from in the first place? Oh, another detail is a fine on people who don’t buy healthcare insurance, known as the individual mandate. He included in this budget (state budget is $214 billion) an additional $450 million over 3 years to fund insurance subsidies. Don’t forget that water tax too, it is still on the table while the state power companies are toggling power to users to save dollars. Sounds like a third world country more every day. Can the state even fund the $7.8 billion in the state employee pension fund? Oh, all diapers and menstrual products are tax exempt, there is rental assistance, and a major housing shortage. Swell eh?  

Don’t think this is just a California problem, rather it is a national problem. Remember federal dollars go to the state for all kinds of reasons, least of which is for sanctuary status. People and disease can travel freely anywhere in the country.

It is prudent to review the members of the state legislature, the Attorney General’s office in Sacramento and the governor’s mansion and consider a real movement to encourage Californians to recall almost all of the state officials for the protection of national public safety and to stop the fleecing of all taxpayers.


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