HALAL – Islam’s Global Conquest

By: Meg Henry | The United West


If you think that Halal is just about labeling food for Muslims in the manner of Kosher labeling for Jews, it is time for you to expand your horizons. Halal will be a way to conquer the world according to Bosnian Grand Mufti Mustafa Cleric who was quoted in the Pakistan Daily Mail.

“Conquer the world through the Halal Movement as Halal means pure and hygienic and the non-Muslim world will have no choice but to accept it.”

“The Halal Certification Movement has the strength to lead Muslims to rule the global economy, as food and other services are the basic need of every human being.”

So, how does the Halal Movement plan to achieve such a lofty goal?  They are doing it in the time-honored way of any crime syndicate, like Mob boss Al Capone with extortion for “protection money” or the “pay-to-play” schemes of Jesse Jackson and his son, Jesse Jr.

Through the Halal certification movement, you must obtain the proper seal of approval before you can sell products that are acceptable to Muslims. There are many certification bodies and some of them are headed by criminals out to make a quick buck without any actual certification protocol.

Where does the money go? Into the pockets of the certifiers. There are hundreds of certifiers and some of them have connections to Muslim Brotherhood front groups. At the very least, these Muslim certifiers pay their annual Zakat [annual obligatory charity] and we know that part of it is slated to go toward jihad. So, the consumer of these products pays for jihad and at a higher price because producers need to make up for the money lost by paying hefty certifying fees. This is the ultimate play “pay-to-play” scheme.

You might think that it does not concern you. Let the Muslims eat their own food as you would never buy it. You know that animals in a Muslim slaughterhouse are often killed in a way that means they die an agonizing death as they bleed out. You don’t want to consume meat that has been flooded by stress hormones at the time of death, and you don’t want to consume food that has been prayed over by an imam who gives blessings to Allah.

But, wait. Maybe you are consuming Halal food without knowing it. Maybe it is already in your child’s lunchroom or sold at your corner market. Maybe the neighborhood diner with the great lunch menu serves Halal food. How would you know? Halal is not always clearly identified. And the tiny little Halal certification seal is not discovered on food packaging unless you are making a point of looking for it under close scrutiny. At this stage, the push is not so public with a marketing campaign to accept Halal or even prefer it. That is coming. This is just another advancement in the stealth invasion for global conquest.

The main push now is two-pronged.

  1. Designate more and more products Halal
  • meats vegetables and fruits
  • medicines, including vitamins
  • cosmetics and personal care items
  • insurance
  • travel and entertainment
  • leather products
  • finance and banking
  • information technology
  • supply chain logistics
  1. Ensure Halal handling standards so every aspect of the transaction is Halal from beginning to end
  • preparation or production of the product
  • processing
  • packaging
  • storage or warehousing
  • distribution and transport

3. To ensure everything is Halal with no cross-contamination with the non-Halal or the Haram.

As you can see, the plan is for a well-integrated system with no openings for outsiders. The movement is toward a global model with Malaysia at the hub. Halal industrial parks are being created and the move is to create more links in the supply chain. These potential links are presented to Muslim entrepreneurs as opportunities for the vast profits a multi-trillion-dollar global industry holds for them.

It all fits in with “Tawid”, an Islamic doctrine at the forefront of Islamic thought today because it concerns the union of all Muslims that see they have been fragmented by colonialism and nationalism. Tawid is a powerful symbol of union for the entire Islamic community. It goes beyond borders. It is the ultimate unifier of Muslims the world over and what can be more unifying than putting the entire globe under the Halal umbrella?

The Malaysian Institute of Transport sums it up on their website by concluding

  • Halal is on the move
  • It is being reborn into the age of globalization, and, indeed, globalization suits the nature and quality of Halal
  • Halal is made to be global
  • Halal is for everyone “

If you don’t want Halal for everyone what should you do?

Be informed: Study and ask questions

Teach others what you learn: Talk to friends and neighbors

Be a savvy consumer: Ask questions and make it clear you do not wish to buy or support Halal

Talk to your legislators about what is going on: Encourage protective legislation against the powerful pro-Halal lobbying effort

Become an activist: Boycotts? Awareness Campaigns?

It is up to all of us to get involved.

Think of the best way you can help.

Stay Tuned ….


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