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Rev. James Caldwell

Rev. James Caldwell is a member of the Houston Texas Club of the Communist Party USA. He is a graduate of Texas Southern University’s School of Public Affairs. He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary and has been an ordained minister for over 28 years.

Reverend Caldwell is the founder and director of the Coalition of Community Organizations, which “connects communities to the invaluable resources they need.” One of the organization’s board members is Houston Communist Party chairman Bernard Sampson.

Reverend Caldwell is also a member of the Port of Houston Authority Chairman’s Community Advisory Committee, Healthy Port Community CoalitionClean Gulf Commerce Coalition, PCORI Baylor College of Medicine’s Asthma Study Advisory Committee, Working AmericaOur Revolution, and People Before Profits.

He is also deeply involved in the Texas Organizing Project, a reincarnation of now-defunct Texas ACORN.

Rev. James Caldwell (third from left) at a 2012 meeting which included Texas Organizing Projectmembers, Tennessee Communist Party USAmember Dennis Laumann, fourth from left, and Rep. Al Green (9th from left) and well known Texas uber leftist Sissy Farenthold, next to Green, on right.

Rev. Caldwell has lead protests against former Texas Governor Rick Perry and current Texas Senator Ted Cruz among others.

In August 2016, Rev. Caldwell was in Chicago celebrating his birthday with Communist Party friends.

Starting from left Communist Party USA members Patrick Foote left, Diane Keefauver second from left, Keri Rautenkranz back right, Rossana Cambron front right.

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