FLASHBACK: Lindsey Graham denounces ‘bigots’ who oppose amnesty; accepts award from La Raza

Donald Trump is a ‘race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot‘.

In 2007, Senator Lindsey Graham accepted an award from the militant group “National Council of La Raza,” who has since changed their name to UnidosUS. During his speech (watch below), he makes several revealing statements, including assuring the audience that he will tell “bigots” who disagree with amnesty to “shut up.” Graham also credits Senator John McCain (2:34 minute mark) with sparking his interest in amnesty, along with the late Senator Ted Kennedy. “Those two gentlemen got this thing [the fight for amnesty] started,” Graham said.

From The New American:

Graham, in concert with senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA), crafted and promoted S.1639, the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007. What was purported to be a comprehensive solution to the problems presented by runaway illegal immigration in the United States turned out to be a massive amnesty program.

On Page 40 of La Raza’s 2007 annual report, Graham is highlighted as an award recipient along with Rep. Luis Gutierrez for their “bipartisan efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform legislation,” code for amnesty. Then 2008 presidential candidate Barack Obama was also present at the event, as was Hillary Clinton.

Page 40 of La Raza’s annual report (screenshot)


Ten years after Graham gave his presentation to La Raza, he appeared with the father of the 2001 Dream Act, Senator Dick Durbin – who works with literal communists on amnesty – to push DACA. The 2001 bill was so unpopular that even with majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats could not get enough votes.

For more, see Trevor Loudon’s info here:

The condensed video below is revealing:

  • First, Dick Durbin appears to believe he is above the law when he assures so-called “Dreamers” that they will not be deported.
  • Secondly, Graham mentions the parents of the “Dreamers.” The presumption is that parents – of course – would also get to stay in America without consequence for breaking the law.
  • Finally, Dick Durbin says that a border wall will not be considered as a part of the negotiations.

Confident that President Trump would get on board, Lindsey Graham started inanely tweeting about #TrumpDreamers:

Watch condensed video (full version here):

Senator Lindsey Graham is awful. It is about time Fox News stops interviewing him as if he is conservative.



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