Communist Antifa Group Calls For ‘Revolutionary Violence Against The Enemies Of The People’

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton |

One of the sites you should visit regularly is Far Left Watch. They do terrific work at uncovering radical leftists. And Debra Heine has done a fantastic job on an article she just wrote for PJ Media: “L.A. Antifa Group Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence Against the Enemies of the People.” I wanted to give credit where it is due before I step into this with my own opinion.

Antifa is a violent communist menace not only here in the United States, but in Europe as well. If you want to watch an excellent documentary on Antifa, watch Trevor Loudon’s “American Under Siege: Antifa.” You will have no doubt after watching it just how radical and violent Antifa truly is. You’ll also know where it came from and what they plan. That video is one of my all-time favorites and Trevor did a masterful job on it.

There is an Antifa group in Los Angeles that calls itself Serve the People. Serve the People — Los Angeles (STP-LA) is a Maoist-inspired chapter of the Serve the People organization, a nationwide revolutionary collective active in five other US cities as of September 2017. Formed in April 2015, STP-LA is based in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California where it operates as a “community service and political empowerment” group according to their website.

Profile picture from Serve The People’s Facebook page.

The mission of STP-LA is “to organize and develop the masses to build revolutionary people power.” They are now calling for a “sea of armed masses” to use “revolutionary violence against the enemies of the people” and ultimately “take power” in America, according to Far Left Watch. Those enemies would be you and I by the way. They called for this during a recent demonstration in South Central Los Angeles, where “dozens of protesters” wearing red bandannas over their faces and carrying STPLA flags, banners, and a Trump piñata-effigy, “rallied the masses” to demand the release of Gladis Hernandez, an illegal immigrant woman who is being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Last Sunday as reported by the far-left Incendiary News Service, these revolutionaries marched and shouted, “La migra, la policia, la misma porqueria!” (“ICE, the police, the same sh*t!”) and “F*ck ICE! F*ck the pigs!” They are true communists and are obviously anti-police and anti-ICE. Many times they speak in Spanish as a good number of them are from south of the border.

The group staged their protest in front of the main entrance to the Banc of California Stadium and passed out fliers about Hernandez’s detention as soccer fans headed into the stadium for the evening’s game. They weren’t shy about calling for “militant escalations” and for the “defense of their undocumented working-class immigrant communities by any means necessary.” Where have I heard that before? Hmmm… oh yeah, the Democrats and another radical group named BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). They are another arm of Antifa. There is no shortage of violent communists out there these days.

One of these upstanding citizens was shouting, “Sheriffs y la ciudad, que se vayan a la verga!” (Sheriffs and the city, go to hell!) You first buddy.

Via the Incendiary News Service:

Organizers and the masses lit road flares and delivered speeches to news cameras and onlookers calling on the release of Gladis, calling an end to all attacks on undocumented working-class immigrants, calling on organizing Unidades de Defensa Populares Revolucionarias (the People’s Revolutionary Defense Units) and using revolutionary violence against the enemies of the people.

Sheriffs, California Highway Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies quickly began descending on the protestors and told them to extinguish their flares and stay on the sidewalk. But organizers countered their demands, told the masses they don’t have to do anything they say.

Revolutionaries actually swarmed around a truck that had a white woman inside. She laughed nervously at their intimidation and violent antics. I’m not sure that’s an appropriate reaction to something like this. Personally, I’d get the hell out of there even if I had to run over someone to do it. If they had pulled her out of that truck they would have either severely injured her or more likely killed her. There is nothing warm and fuzzy about communist Antifa goons.

Antifa swore that “her picture had been taken and would subsequently be circulated online, and with only a question of time her real identity would be made public.” Considering their history of doxing people, I think I’d take that threat seriously. The radical group made it clear they are interested in “revolutionary vengeance.”

STP-LA has previously doxed and threatened another L.A. resident for supporting ICE earlier this year. This Antifa group has been “escalating their violent tactics and rhetoric ever since Trump has been in office.

More from the Incendiary News Service report:

STPLA says the masses want revolutionary vengeance, and it appears to be true especially in the deepest and most profound section of the masses, in the scapegoated and attacked undocumented immigrant neighborhoods who now speak more openly about arming themselves and defending their families and way of life at all costs.

The burning questions for readers, for the masses and revolutionaries, are: What will it take to stop the raids and deportations? What will it take to end the brutality against street vendors and others pushed to the margins of capitalist society? What are we prepared and preparing to do?

STPLA and their supporters are bold and honest enough to say that rallies or even militant and illegal protests alone won’t do anything. What is needed, they say, is a “sea of armed masses” organized to defend ourselves but most importantly organized to take power.

That’s a call for revolution and the authorities should take note of it. They won’t because it’s Los Angeles and the leftists are in control there. This group is a clear and present danger to our national security just as all communists are. If they follow through with their promise to “take power” and violently shut down their opposition the blame will be squarely on the left as it should be.


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3 thoughts on “Communist Antifa Group Calls For ‘Revolutionary Violence Against The Enemies Of The People’

  1. they forget, this ain’t mexico, we are armed, well trained with our weapons and are not afraid to use them.

  2. Their intimidation tactics do not work on us. Neither does their branding us as racists, White Nationalists, or White supremists. They may have the main stream media fooled, but we are a Constitutionalist group who will fight for our country!

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