Judge Kavanaugh And The Deep State’s Endgame

By: Cliff Kincaid

More than one year ago, on May 24, 2017, in a  column titled, “Special Counsel Mueller Will Get His Man.” I wrote, “Those who say there is no evidence of a crime in Russia-gate miss the whole point. [Robert] Mueller will produce evidence of a crime out of nothing if he has to.” Hence, we see the forces of legal terrorism being brought to bear on issues and people completely unrelated to Russia. President Trump’s family is now reportedly being targeted.

But the real target is the Supreme Court. As incredible as this may sound to those who have been sold on his nomination, the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will guarantee a Deep State victory over Trump. He is a Washington insider who attends a liberal Catholic parish and can’t be counted on to reverse the cultural damage done by decades of liberal judicial supremacy.

The Russia-gate probe is an example of how the system works, and how the public is confused. Around the time I was warning about Mueller, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote an article for National Review appearing under a headline calling  Mueller a “solid choice.” McCarthy, described as one of the nation’s most prominent conservative voices on legal and national security issues,  said: “Bob Mueller is a widely respected former prosecutor, U.S. attorney, high-ranking Justice Department official, and FBI director. He is highly regarded by both parties…He is a straight shooter, by the book, and studiously devoid of flash…most people will give Mueller a chance. And he deserves that.”

Suddenly, after Mueller was in place, McCarthy became a critic of the probe. He would get a fat contract from Fox News to be a commentator.

In a follow-up column, Conservative Dupes in the Russia-gate Probe, published in early December 2017, I noted that McCarthy and his buddy, Rush Limbaugh, “didn’t recognize Mueller as the hatchet man for the Deep State that he really was.” McCarthy had been a regular guest on Limbaugh’s radio show until he struck it big on Fox News.

I had said from the beginning that Mueller was going to take down Trump because I had access to the objective facts about Mueller’s disastrous tenure as FBI director. I pointed out that Mueller implicated the wrong people in the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, worked with the Muslim Brotherhood to purge FBI materials of the truth about radical Islam, and failed to reform the FBI’s internal security system after Russian spy and FBI agent Robert Hanssen was caught.

Mueller is the ultimate symbol of what has gone wrong with our system of government. In an honest world, he should have been investigated and prosecuted, or else forced into retirement in disgrace. Instead, he is running a Star Chamber proceeding targeting our elected president.

Conservatives were wrong about Mueller because they didn’t take the time to research his real record. They relied on “experts” like Andrew McCarthy, now making big bucks from Fox News, who emerged from the same swamp now going after Trump.

Members of the Deep State promote their own agendas, cover-up their own misdeeds, and use inside information to manipulate the system. One of them is Mueller. By going after Trump, he prevents the “system” from holding him accountable for bungling the anthrax case and making the U.S. increasingly vulnerable to terrorism and foreign spying. If the Russians are manipulating our system — and they are — Mueller helped make it possible.

Another problem for Trump is White House counsel Donald F. McGahn, another Washington insider who was cooperating with Mueller until the New York Times published a story about his 30 hours of “voluntary” interviews with the Russia-gate prosecutor. President Trump claims McGahn is not a John Dean-style “rat,” and that he, Trump, knew all about those interviews. (John Dean was the insider in the Nixon White House who worked with outside forces to bring down the Nixon presidency.) But since Trump, by his own admission, turned out to be wrong about his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, how can he be confident about McGahn?

McGahn has already done a lot of damage by prolonging the Mueller investigation. He threatened to resign if Trump fired Mueller. Then he (and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy) convinced Trump to pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a member of a liberal Washington, D.C. Catholic parish, for the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh, who was picked over other candidates who were more conservative and pro-Constitution, worked for President Bush, covered-up for the Clintons in the Vincent Foster death inquiry, and ruled for Barack Hussein Obama on matters involving Obamacare and protecting the massive surveillance powers of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Trump, if he survives, is limited to two terms. Remember that Kavanaugh is up for a lifetime job.

Despite claims that he is somehow a constitutional conservative, Kavanaugh has stated clearly that he will obey “precedent” and uphold the Supreme Court’s pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rulings handed down by Anthony Kennedy, the “Catholic” Justice for whom he was a law clerk and whose seat he wants to fill. He has told liberal Republican Senator Susan Collins and others than the pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision, which has led to 60 million abortions, is “settled law.” Of course, Soros-funded groups are organizing against Kavanaugh. But I believe they are going through the motions of opposition in a dialectical maneuver designed to force conservatives in line behind him.

The ploy has worked. In the same way conservatives praised Mueller as a man of honesty and integrity, they are now praising Kavanaugh. They have produced dozens of big names from the conservative community supporting him. But we could have had a much better nominee, such as Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show on Friday, August 24, that Trump is hated because he has nominated “strict constructionists” like Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He couldn’t be more wrong.  His rulings promise more of the same damage to our culture that his mentor, Justice Kennedy, engineered.

It’s important to note that Kavanaugh has reportedly told Senators in private meetings that he considers Mueller’s probe “appropriate.” In order to be confirmed, he may also be assuring them in private that he will rule against the president who nominated him if any number of legal issues involving Trump come before the Supreme Court. He will want to demonstrate that Trump is not “above the law.”

All of this would be made to appear logical and legal, with Kavanaugh casting the deciding vote against Trump and looking like a scholar on the bench. By sinking Trump, in the same way Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obamacare, Kavanaugh will repay the debt to the Deep State stemming from the ongoing bipartisan political and media effort to conceal his involvement in the cover-up of the evidence that former Clinton White House counsel Foster was murdered.  Prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez, who resigned from the Foster investigation rather than participate in that cover-up, had described the forces guiding the outcome as the “ultimate power” in the U.S. Government. These forces are the Deep State, a bipartisan cabal that covers up embarrassing scandals such as the evidence that Foster was murdered. My 44-page special report, The Deep State Wears Black Robes, cites evidence that Foster had super-secret information from the NSA and that an FBI expert on sex crimes had been in contact with Kavanaugh about the case.

Unless he has something up his sleeve, it may be too late for Trump to save himself. He can fight impeachment and probably survive a conviction in the Senate. But he has badly misjudged those around him and has underestimated the power of the Deep State. Our conservative media, including Fox News and Drudge, have failed us.

As I said in June of 2017, the trap was set by those conservatives in the media, echoing their liberal colleagues, who wanted to pretend that Mueller was overflowing with honor and integrity. By showering him with praise, they joined hands with the liberal media in setting the stage for Trump’s impeachment and forced resignation from office. Now, too late to do any good, they are trashing Mueller.

It would appear we may have more to fear from conservative misinformation than from the heavy-handed censorship practiced by the high-tech social media giants. Fox News will not save Trump. The channel has helped create the predicament he finds himself in.

*Cliff Kincaid is President of America’s Survival, Inc. (www.usasurvival.org) and host of America’s Survival TV on YouTube and Roku. ASI TV has aired several programs exposing Kavanaugh’s real record and his involvement in the Foster cover-up. His report, The Deep State Wears Black Robes, is available through special request to Kincaid@comcast.net His latest book, Permanent Revolution: The Secret Life and Legacy of Barack Hussein Obama, is available through Amazon.


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