The Rainbow Conspiracy: Former Stanford University Maoists On The Cusp Of Choosing The Next US President, Creating A ‘One-Party-State,’ Part 1

FRSO/OSCL cadre at Ferguson, Missouri

This is the most important series of of posts I have ever written.

The United States of America is one bad presidential election cycle away from the establishment of a permanent socialist “one-party-state.”

On the current trajectory, if President Trump is defeated in the 2020 presidential election,  his likely Democratic successor will bring into power a clique of  “former” Maoist communists intent on permanently consolidating their control over this country. The “clique” in question has its roots in what was once America’s largest pro-China, Marxist-Leninist organization, the “League of Revolutionary Struggle” (LRS).

Founded in 1978, the LRS, at its height, had chapters in over a dozen cities with nearly 3,000 cadres and thousands of followers. Its newspaper, Unity/La Unidad, was published bi-monthly in three languages — English, Spanish and Chinese. The LRS was also unusual for communist organizations of the era in that the majority of its membership was Black, Asian or Hispanic, and women played strong leadership roles.

The LRS was a true “rainbow coalition.”

The League was very active in student politics, particularly in the Bay Area, and had strongholds at UC Berkeley, San Jose State, San Francisco State and Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

In 1990, after the shock of the Chinese Communist Party’s slaughter of students in Tianmen Square and Beijing’s move away from overt Maoism, the LRS split into two factions.

The larger grouping (including most of the Asian comrades) dropped Maoism and maintained control of the Unity newspaper and re-branded itself as the Unity Organizing Committee. The other faction kept a more traditional Marxist-Leninist outlook, becoming the Socialist Organizing Network, which later merged with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

The Unity Organizing Committee disavowed Marxism-Leninism, devoting themselves to electoral politics, especially through the left wing of the Democratic Party.

Remnants of this faction, many of them Stanford alumni, have made good on their commitments. Their network is now active at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, as well as its supporting and allied organizations. Affiliates have held senior positions in the Clinton Administration, the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Many supporters hold influential positions in major non-profits, organized labor and business. Several U.S. Senators are beholden to the network, as are many Congress-members, gubernatorial candidates and state legislators.

The Obama presidency was to a large degree a product of this “Rainbow Conspiracy/” Today several leading contenders are being groomed to take the Democratic nomination in 2020. If one of them is successful, they will complete the socialization of America started under Obama.

While the Unity faction has infiltrated the highest reaches of the Democratic Party, the Socialist Organizing Network (SON) is taking care of  the lower levels of the party.

When SON joined the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in 1994, it completed a union of several Maoist groupings from the 1970’s and 1980’s. SON comrades now worked alongside a former cadre of the October League, Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist), Line of March, Communist Workers Party, Revolutionary Workers Headquarters and the Proletarian Unity League. This alphabet soup of tiny Maoist sects forged itself into one of the largest, well-funded and shadowiest organizations on the U.S. left today. Still supportive of China and North Korea, today’s Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad (FRSO/OSCL) has mended fences with their former LRS/Unity Organizing Committee comrades and are working in tandem to move the Democrats permanently to the far left.

FRSO/OSCL is the driving force behind the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is also heavily involved in local electoral politics and is very active in voter registration movements, particularly in targeted Southern and Southwestern states with high Black and Latino populations.

FRSO/OSCL poster

FRSO/OSCL has also formed a strategic alliance with the 5,000 strong (pro-China) Communist Party USA, the 35,000 strong Democratic Socialists of America and the much smaller (pro-China) Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, to run hundreds of candidates in low-level, and some Congressional, Gubernatorial and Senatorial Democratic primaries across the country.

This army of around 45,000 members is intertwined with the hundreds of thousands-strong Bernie Sanders movement and receives money and guidance from its allies at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. The “Rainbow Conspiracy” has proven its worth with significant election victories in Virginia and Alabama.

This year, the coalition is trying to take back the House for the Democrats by targeting the Republican’s soft underbelly in North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arizona.

In 2020, they will try to take back Democratic control of the Senate and install their chosen President into the White House. After 2020, the “Rainbow Conspiracy” will use racial politics, immigration (legal and illegal) and the power of the state to destroy all opposition to their complete and permanent dominance of this country.

Only President Trump, a handful of patriotic Republican politicians and a few hundred thousand grassroots activists stand in their way. God willing, that will be enough.

Look for Part 2 coming soon: “The most dangerous man in America you never heard of.”

A book entitled “The Rainbow Conspiracy” will be released in October 2018.


Author: Trevor

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  1. Like many people, I fooled myself into thinking Communism died with the Soviet Union. It never went away. It adopted new identities, and a harvest that was sown many decades ago is now being reaped.

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