The Big Steal Is Underway but Trump Won’t Surrender

By: Cliff Kincaid

Fox News and other media keep showing the “popular vote” for president. Twitter should put a warning flag on that but won’t. Our system doesn’t recognize the “popular vote” winner as the winner of the presidential election. Ask Hillary. But so-called “popular votes” are indeed relevant in terms of votes that are being manufactured in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania to “give” Joe Biden the illusion of victory.

It’s sad that Tucker Carlson, whose program was so good prior to the election, had to rely on people like Bill Hemmer after the “results” started coming in. On election night, Carlson was sandwiched in between Chris Wallace and others to comment on how the polls were wrong. But the much more serious malfeasance is the reported theft of elections in such states as Wisconsin and Michigan, where ballots were suddenly discovered and entered into the election systems of those states.

Hemmer and most of the rest of the Fox News crew are wedded to the liberal media narrative that is designed to guarantee a Joe Biden “victory” through phony projections and vote counts. But President Trump has already declared victory based on the reality of what he knows to be happening.

Trump also has a good memory, backed up by actual facts, of how Democrats were stealing presidential elections as far back as 1960 when Democratic Party machines “found” votes for JFK. “You gotta swallow this one,” somebody said to JFK’s opponent, Richard Nixon, to get him to surrender to the fraud.

Trump won’t surrender.

Should we be surprised that the Deep State is working with the Democratic Party to steal the election from President Trump? My home page at America’s Survival, Inc. had run a column by JB Williams back in August predicting the election chaos and election theft. He wrote, “This is about a first time ever universal mail-in election, where millions of votes will pour in through the U.S. mail with no tracking, no way to verify the voter’s eligibility, no way to know who voted, who they voted for or if every legitimate vote was cast and counted properly. In other words, no way to challenge the outcome of this election.”

In fact, however, President Trump is challenging the projected “outcome.” One of his recent Tweets declares, “All of the recent Biden claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof – just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!” Twitter, of course, tried to censor the Tweet.

New GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting for Trump. So is Arizona Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally, who points out that the media “got nearly EVERY state wrong.” She adds, “They predicted a blowout, and Republicans showed up in greater numbers than in 2016.” Yet, mysteriously, Trump is on course to lose the presidency? It’s because so-called “popular votes” are being manufactured or discovered to turn states that Trump won against the president.

Regarding her home state, which shows her “losing,” she notes, “Arizona has major implications for the White House and Senate, and this fight is more contentious than ever. Talking heads on TV are counting us out BEFORE votes are counted. Are you serious?”

The only reason the media are projecting her “defeat” is their own skewed “analysis” of the results, including votes not even counted!

And you thought the Biden campaign wanted to count every vote? Don’t believe it. They don’t want to take into account the legitimate and legal votes, only the fake ones that will turn states won by Trump in Biden’s favor.

Major censorship, in addition to vote-stealing, is underway, in order to prevent the American people from understanding what is really going on behind the scenes.

One way or another, the results will be disputed, meaning that President Trump has to remain in office, citing the same forces in the coup against him as being behind election theft. Christian broadcaster Brannon Howse has posted extraordinary interviews with various national security experts on how the intelligence agencies can manipulate elections.

Major investigations by the Attorney General should already be underway. But William Barr is a former CIA analyst and his loyalties may lie elsewhere. At the very least, Barr could announce a Special Counsel investigation of the Biden family corruption charges.

President Trump has a team of lawyers challenging the vote theft operations but he could also announce a special group of election experts to conduct a forensic examination of how the votes have been counted and changed. On this basis, so-called “votes” that came out of nowhere have to be rejected.

Veteran investigative reporter John Solomon of Just the News has announced a similar effort.

The same kind of process is used to determine whether a particular document is legitimate. If you have seen episodes of the TV show “Pawn Stars,” where people get money in exchange for rare books or documents or other items, the owners of the shop always insist on evidence of legitimacy. That is called “provenance.”  It means you have to determine who has custody of the documents so that fraud is ruled out.

In the case of many mail-in ballots, which have mysteriously appeared overnight, there is no way they can be verified as legitimate. Hence, they must be rejected.

I came to understand the mechanism of vote fraud years ago by looking at cases of people who “voted” but were registered to vote in abandoned houses and vacant lots. What’s happening now is much worse and on a much larger scale.

After the media and other “official sources” declare Biden the winner, the role of Fox stalwarts such as Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson to keep telling the truth will be more important than ever before. You know that President Trump has no intention to concede to the powerful forces of darkness trying yet again to subvert his presidency.


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