I Want The Cop’s Guns

By: Peter Gunn

The Gun Ban folk are forever railing against this kind of gun or that kind of gun. They already lost the war about my being able to own a gun for self defense in all 50 States and D.C. They have been forced to accept that the Second Amendment defines an individual right which cannot be infringed The fight now is to reduce the effectiveness of the tools at my disposal.

We have recently come back to magazine capacity, and the perpetual whine “you don’t NEED x number of rounds for self defense” The number of rounds is always less than the current standard size magazine. There is no logic or science behind whatever number they pick, so long as it creates a problem for Constitutional Gun Owners. Naturally there is always an exception for law enforcement, what I call “the magic police”.

Magic Police is not a slam on the hardworking OATH KEEPING members of American Law Enforcement, but a statement on how the Progressive Left hold police on some pedestal (Until The Narrative says other) being uber-skilled with firearms, proficient on a level the rest of us mere mortals could never attain. The reality is that they are people doing a job. There are good cops and bad cops, intelligent cops and dullard cops, virtuous cops and villainous cops and everything in between. Some Officers are Olympic quality shooters while some barely qualify. These same things are true of Constitutional Gun owners (CGO)they run the whole spectrum. The concept that all Police are perfect is disingenuous to the Police themselves if no one else.

One thing the gun controllers do not want you to consider is why the police carry weapons in the first place; for THEIR OWN PROTECTION. Sure, when you call them they will do their best and no doubt risk their lives to get you to safety while training their weapons on the threat, but the reality is that they carry for personal self defence just like I do.

To that end, through years of experience and testing Police Departments have settled on a selection of different weapons for the variety of situations that officers may be called upon to face. I live in a town of about 1500 people, and very little crime. Our police force consists of two cars and a handful of officers. Each car is outfitted with an AR-15 with additional magazines and a shotgun. Each officer is issued a semi auto side arm with additional magazines. All of the magazines are above 10 rounds. What this tells me, is that an appropriate arsenal for self defence of my person and property should include a side arm, a semi auto rifle, and a shotgun. Clearly, the standard size magazines and more than one are also the preferable solution. No armed confrontation ever ended better because the police carried LESS rounds

The natural argument back is that Police by virtue of their job respond to dangerous situations and it is not the job of Civilians to do that nor should they get involved. I agree wholeheartedly, HOWEVER this is another thing the Gun Banners don’t want you to consider; before the Police got called, some member of the public was already facing the problem which is why they called for help in the first place. If the situation is so dangerous that the police need to draw weapons when they get there, it was dangerous enough for the citizen to have needed to be armed.

So here is my “Compromise” to the Gun Banners. You want my support to pass a semi auto ban or a magazine size restriction? It has to apply to the Police. You want my support to pass smart gun legislation, then it has to apply to police. If your laws jeopardize the safety of police officers, then it jeopardizes mine.

When it comes to what kind of gun or how many rounds I can have? I want the Cop’s guns!


Author: Peter Gunn

Peter Gunn is has been involved with Second Amendment issues for nearly twenty years, In addition to testifying before the State legislature, Gunn hosted the Polite Society podcast and was a staff writer for both Tavernkeepers and the Brenner Brief. Having grown up in Lexington Massachusetts, Peter learned at an early age the power and necessity of an armed citizenry. Peter now lives in rural New Hampshire, as far away from other people as he can get.

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