#FreeTheHammonds: Sign the Petition!

Rally in support of the Hammonds

A petition is circulating to pardon two good men: Steve and Dwight Hammond, who continue to sit in prison because radical environmentalists hate ranchers.

Please sign the petition, which begins:

“​For decades agencies of the Department of Interior, namely the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), have deployed their administrative powers to punitively regulate and maliciously prosecute the Hammond family of Oregon in a thinly veiled attempt to drive them off their ranch, their historic grazing allotments and vested water rights.”

Sign the petition here.

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A good summary of this case can be found in the video below.  


Author: renee nal

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11 thoughts on “#FreeTheHammonds: Sign the Petition!

  1. The US justice system has decayed into the style of justice not seen since Nazi Germany. To have ever have charged the Hammonds under terrorism laws is a gross injustice and if the US is to get any credibility of its justice system back the Hammonds must be released and those responsible for this gross injustice against the Hammonds must be brought to justice.

  2. Do your own research. What is stated in the video is not all true. These two men made choices and choose to break the law. They did in fact start fires without regard to the fire spreading onto BLM land. They did in fact fire rifles at hunters and they did take game animals in unlawful ways. These are not innocent men being persecuted by the law.

      1. It was not. He broke the law, he did it intentionally and they had the proof. What you have heard and are repeating is simply false. You may be in total sympathy with the “cause” behind all this after all he is a rancher or something. But the simple fact is he screwed up after numerous screwups and the government finally had enough of it. It is a shame it went this far, I fell bad that they have to go to jail. But they did the crime, numerous times. They felt entitled and had gotten away with flaunting the law many times and probably thought the government would look the other way. They didn’t.

        Yeah of course you think I’m complicit. Complicit in what??? I have never talked to any Russians and I didn’t collude with anyone LOL. I mean, seriously, what could I possibly be complicit in?

        1. The “cause” is the truth. If you had a case to make you would have made it by now. This is about two men setting a prescribed fire and being falsely accused of arson.

          “Onlookers are confused as they watch employees of federal lands – whether it is the BLM in Oregon or the US Forest Service in South Dakota – light matches that start burns on federal grazing permits with bought-and-paid-for grazing rights that spill over to private land, destroying in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in value of grass, fences, trees and more.

          Ranchers have asked, if the Hammonds’ “record of performance” is “unacceptable” to the point that they can no longer be allowed to graze their purchased grass, what is the reprimand for careless federal employees who destroy private property?”

          If you have any intellectual honesty, please read this description and tell me what secret information you have that deviates from this: https://www.tsln.com/news/hammond-ranches-incorporated-continue-to-be-denied-grazing-permit-on-blm-administered-land/

  3. The double standard of justice need to come to an end. Which may be never. However, when We The People talk politicians do listen. Otherwise the may not be politicians any long to having deaf ears.

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