2 thoughts on “UK critics of Trump tweets on Islam have it mostly right

  1. I have been trying to open closed minds for some time now and keep saying that if the useful idiots and simple minded cave dwellers are not shown the realities of what is going on outside of their safe spaces that the end will come as sure as the sun rises.

    Until they realize that innocent men, women, and children are being massacred for no reason except for living will they understand the real threat that awaits their own families future.

    I keep being told that they won’t believe anything they see unless the MSM tells them this is happening as an everyday occurrence out side their little cloistered world, and this is something the Christians must have pounded into their heads until it hurts.

    Yes, this sick person wants them to see the real world, this person wants them to be witness to the real horror out there, and that this is the real Islam and the ANTIFA and the Marxists and others, this is their children’s fate if they do not wake up.
    Hate speech, sometimes the truth is very real even if it look unreal.

    1. To Imwithstoopid:

      You are right about the British Left. Of all the Marxists/leftists in Europe, the British ones are the best educated but most stupid of them all. Why, I don’t know.

      Maybe the British class system has dulled the educational and rational thinking of these politicians, plus the massive Soviet propaganda and disinformation programs over the decades, have diluted rational, knowledgeable thinking to the point that hatred of America replaces the actual threat of both communism and Islamic extremism.

      Even Sen. George McGovern (D-SD) never reached this level of lunacy, only the same level of stupidity, gullibility, and a “No Threat From the Left” mentality. Sen. Ted Kennedy’s buttboy former Sen. John Tunney (D-CA) was the most ignorant, gullible senator in modern US history, though the competition today is really tough for that position – Dick Durban, Elizabeth Warren, (Kerry when he was in the Senate), Coons, Blumenthal, Warner, Kaine, etc. The candidates list is long says Yoda.

      The Lion of Britannia is now an old, worn-out alley cat with only a few teeth and even less ferocity than a dead mouse. As the number of churches in England declines (torn down or sold to Moslems to be made into mosques, i.e. Erdogan’s “spearpoints of Islam” in the West), some Brits will wake up as to what is happening in their Parliament, schools, healthcare system, and PC mentality, but it will be too late.

      Britannia no longer “rules the waves”. All it can do about “waves” is to “wave good-by” to their way of life, culture, religions, education, and politics, while learning to enjoy the gifts of Sharia Law, Blasphemy crimes, and a new Neville Chamberlain mentality that will doom them within two generations (of fops, cowards, and leftist destruction).

      Merry Old English isn’t so “merry” any more and I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa is banned in “No Go Zones” pretty soon.

      Well, they can always celebrate “Kwanza” though I have no idea why anyone would want to celebrate a building – “KwanzaHut”.

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