Pete Hoekstra’s Wasted Opportunity

Pete Hoekstra via the Washington Times

“Anyone in Holland knows it’s true: Muslim migrants do live in No Go Zones – plural – & are fast wrecking the place.” – Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy, December 22 2017 

Housing Minister Eberhard van der Laan has published the controversial list of the so-called “40 problem neighbourhoods”. The minister had originally refused to name the areas for fear that the neighbourhoods and their residents would be stigmatised.” –, 2009

“The problem districts in the Top 20 are characterised by a high density of government-owned housing, high unemployment, crime, nuisance by youngsters, and many immigrants. In Kolenkit, 80 percent of the residents are immigrants.” –, 2009

Former Chairman House Intelligence Committee Pete Hoekstra was sworn in earlier this month as U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands. Hoekstra was given the opportunity to stand strongly against the very real phenomena of “no go zones” in the Netherlands but sadly folded when a Dutch reporter confronted him on his previous statements about “no-go zones” he made in 2015.

Here is the exchange, as documented by IBT Times UK:

The reporter said: “Speaking of threat, at one point you mentioned in a debate that there are no-go zones in the Netherlands and that cars and politicians are being set on fire.”

Hoekstra quickly interrupted, saying: “I didn’t say that, that is actually an incorrect statement. We would call it fake news. I never said that. It’s not what I said.”

The programme then cut to an archive clip from 2015 which showed Hoekstra saying: “The Islamic movement has now got to a point where they have put Europe into chaos. Chaos in the Netherlands – there are cars being burned, there are politicians that are being burned, and yes there are no-go zones in the Netherlands.”

After being shown the footage, Hoekstra claimed he “didn’t call that fake news”.

Here is the video:

After the exchange went viral in both countries, Hoekstra released an incredibly bland statement that does not clarify his position on “no-go-zones” in the Netherlands:

The wasted opportunity does not reflect reality in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, where “no-go-zones” are the pathetic result of irresponsible decisions made by a politically correct minority of progressive politicians who are themselves isolated from the areas in which they create with their own policies.

The exchange and the bland statement released by Pete Hoekstra is confusing to those who understand the politically incorrect reality of “no-go-zones” in the Netherlands. Hoekstra’s condescending denial of his 2015 statement does an injustice to the people of the Netherlands, who know full well what is happening. It is not a stretch to consider that the forces of political correctness have had their way with Hoekstra, who can only redeem himself by loudly and strongly telling the truth.


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