The accused pedophile behind the ‘bathroom bills’

Terry Bean with Clintons via San Francisco Chronicle
Terry Bean with Clintons via San Francisco Chronicle

Accused pedophile, “mega-Obama-bundler” and long-time prominent fixture of the radical left, Terry Bean, is responsible for the bathroom bills sweeping America. If not for Bean’s “affluenza,” it is quite likely that the 68-year-old would be in prison today for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy in an Oregon hotel room in 2013 with his then-lover Kiah Lawson, who was 25 at the time. As reported at Oregonlive, Bean “had offered the boy at least $200,000 to settle the case.”

Terry Bean is the co-founder of several radical groups posing as civil rights organizations. One of these organizations, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), created the template for the bathroom bill ordinances sweeping the nation.

Terry Bean on Air Force One via
Terry Bean on Air Force One via

While Pastors in Houston famously brought much-needed publicity to the ordinance after Houston Mayor Annise Parker subpoenaed them for copies of their sermons back in 2014, an abundance of similar laws have quietly passed in towns all over America.

President Obama with Terry Bean
President Obama with Terry Bean

One of the towns that fought back was Fayetteville, Arkansas after the bathroom bill passed  the Fayetteville City Council in August 2014. Engaged citizens “gathered the required number of signatures to place the issue to a public vote in a special election…” and they successfully repealed the ordinance. It should be noted that HRC contributed more than $15,000 to keep the ordinance on the books.

Arkansas is not out of the woods, however. HRC’s Project One America is described as “…a comprehensive, multi-year campaign to dramatically expand LGBT equality in the South through permanent campaigns in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.”

In their state and local advocacy page, HRC writes:

HRC is working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights in all 50 states. Issues affecting the rights of LGBT people in the states range from employment discrimination to relationship recognition.

Terry Bean also co-founded the Victory Fund, which “provides financial and campaign support to gay and lesbian political candidates.” Some of their success stories include radical left-wing elected officials Kyrsten SinemaMark PocanMark Takano and David Cicilline.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker, not surprisingly, was also a recipient of the Victory Fund.


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39 thoughts on “The accused pedophile behind the ‘bathroom bills’

  1. This guy is supposed to have sodomized a 15 yr. old in 2013 and his trial doesn’t come up until 2022? Crazy absolutely crazy.

  2. Hell Ozero was a fag and Clinton a pervert so why not be friend with Namble perverts like Bean. All of Nambla should be in jail.

  3. It’s worth noting that 10 months after charges were filed, they were dropped. The accuser decided to no longer accuse. So not only was he not found guilty of anything, the accuser, for whatever reason, changed their mind.

    Of course we have no idea what happened, but since we don’t, we have no right to assume either way… unless of course we want to use the accusation as ammunition for character assassination. To marginalize his voice in the fight for equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

    Which, of course, is the soul purpose of this hit piece, this small serving of propaganda literature.

  4. This is just another stunt trying to break down the family and normalizing abnormal behavior. Let’s face it we had a gay-pro president who lit up the white house like a XMAS tree due to gay rights which is a joke. The pedophile’s within our government that have infiltrated our way of life is ludicrious. If you want to be gay or what ever gender they came up with these days no problem with me but integrating your lifestyle into normal everyday behavior is crazy. I refuse to let my daughter be subject to this. It’s a shame what schools are teaching our kids and now the military is having transgender classes. We have a government that has gone mad.

  5. Any male that tries to use the ladies room while my wife or daughters are using it will have a religious experience, they will get to meet God.

    1. I hear you Bud44. I was kind of in the same mind set until a couple of weeks ago I took my 2 year old grand daughter into the bathroom in a restaurant and there was a line. Not unusual, this bathroom had only 2 stalls one reg and one handicap. After maybe a min a MAN stepped out of the handicap stall…. holding the door open for his two daughters about my grand daughter’s age. At first I had an “oh my” thought, but then he never looked up, he stayed focused on his girls and he washed their hands and took them out straight away. I thought as I let my Ana in the stall ‘I sure would not want her daddy taking her in the men’s room. Ya’ll pee out in the open. That’s not good for a little girl to be exposed like that.’
      I think there has to be a middle ground. If you ask me a ‘Family’ bathroom is best. A larger bathroom with changing table and toilet with sink, maybe even a child sized toilet as well as a full sized one. I am sure the evil mined will think up all manner of perversions that could go in in these bathrooms as well but that just shows where their mind is at…. gutter balls.

  6. The HRC was founded by this homo-pedophile pervert. The Charlotte bathroom cross-dresser ordinance was pushed by a convicted homo-pedophile on the sex offender rolls and chairman of the LGBT chamber of commerce, Chad Severance. Where the hell is the media outrage? Oh, that’s right, the media are composed of these same types of perverts. Forgive me.

    1. Why are these people stupid? Because they are exposing the real truth behind these supposed Gay and Lesbian fake civil rights groups? Your not about civil rights your about special rights .

    2. If so, it’s a result of the attempted dumbing down of the unaware and submissive populace by deceivers and ‘black market’ sellers of policies such as Mr. Bean’s. We have to fight our way back from the ‘it’s okay, just think what your government tells you’ quasi-oligarchy which has existed for far too long. I do not want to be ‘stupid’ not stupified any longer.

  7. I will not travel to a state that allows both sexes into the same public bathroom. When I do use one in any state, I will carry my stun gun and if a man comes into the same restroom I am in, he will taste the wrath of my stun gun. Beware, all you perverts.
    We aren’t going to put up with your garbage.

    1. I have noticed that gender neutral bathrooms exist in most states. A good solution is to have men’s women’s and neutral bathrooms, like at the YMCA where I live, or to just have single bathrooms that are gender neutral, no group bathrooms.

      1. Problem is that they do NOT want gender-free bathrooms; the LGBT want to use whichever restroom they say they identify with and no restrictions to any neutral bathroom. Male-to-female transgenders want free and full access to women’s restrooms irrespective of their intact male physiology and nothing less. They feel a neutral restroom is a form of discrimination against them. What it means to me is that my right to privacy and security in using a restroom with my physical EQUALS (biological females) is negated by a big-government overreach law catering to transgenders who *prefer* not to use a neutral restroom or the men’s room that is dedicated to their biology.

        1. Don’t forget the women in men’s bathroom. Most women only reply about men coming in women’s bathrooms. You don’t want the gender-confused women using the public bathroom with your little boy either.

          Gender confusion is a mental illness, most often in the cases of abused children. They need mental health, and spiritual, help not enabling.

          1. Do not call it a mental illness. That fits what they want. Special privileges others do not get.

      2. heidi, the only “gender neutral” bathrooms is my state are “family” bathrooms for parents with babies and small children, and they are not communal, they are single bathrooms with a lock on the door. The ONLY solution is to protect women and children by NOT allowing men of ANY persuasion into
        ANY women’s bathroom. Period.

  8. I always appreciate those who tell the truth and expose the “enemies” of this great nation. Thank you for posting this article and thanks to the writer.

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