3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: Trump Campaign Incapable Of ‘Running A Lemonade Stand’

  1. There are even more reason now why I will never vote for Trump. His constant berating of the rules for the Republican Party nomination is vile. I can’t find any serious differences between Trump and Hillary. They are both pro-big government, planned parenthood, Obamacare, government subsidies, pro-gay marriage, and most recently, both support multisex bathroom use. And, the so-called border wall Trump constantly talks about has been shown behind closed doors and off the record to be a gimmick. Being Democrat-lite isn’t going to put a Republican in the White House.

  2. The only thing Cruz knows how to run is his mouth. He’s never held a “real” job and has sucked off the teat of the tax payers his entire career.

  3. I doubt you could find a more apropos example of the current state of the 2016 republican presidential race than to look at the contrast today between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

    Candidate Trump heads to Indiana and Maryland for campaign rallies with voters; while candidate Cruz rushes to Hollywood Florida to meet with RNC officers, party insiders and GOPe officials. Trump rallies people – Cruz relies on party bosses.

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