Cruz Thwarts Hostile Takeover Of The GOP

By: Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media

Donald J. Trump’s admission that two of his adult kids didn’t even bother to register as Republicans, in order to vote for him in the New York primary, says all you need to know about his attempted takeover of the GOP. Trump isn’t a real Republican and his kids aren’t committed to the party. They work for their Daddy.

The evidence is clear: the candidate who had no knowledge of the nuclear triad, which protects America from a Russian nuclear first-strike, and who flip-flops on every major issue, is still a Democrat.

At this late stage in the campaign, it is simply amazing that conservative media personalities and websites (such as the Drudge Report) are ignoring the evidence of Trump’s involvement with the Democratic Party and close relationship with the Clintons, and treating the businessman as an authentic Republican.

Belatedly, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Trump’s main opponent, has referred to the Drudge Report as “the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.”

The truth about Trump hasn’t been hidden. The voter registration records for Trump, obtained by The Smoking Gun website, show that he switched political party affiliations at least five times.

When viewed objectively, without partisan bias, one has to conclude that the so-called Republican establishment has every right to deny Trump the Republican nomination for president because Trump is not—and never has been—a true Republican.

Trump’s personal voting history has convinced many Republicans that Trump is a Trojan horse candidate who got in the race to hand it to Hillary. They are rallying to the candidacy of Senator Cruz.

Hundreds of documents have just been released by the Clinton presidential library showing a very close relationship between Trump and the Clintons. The Clinton Library says the collection includes references to Trump’s invitations to White House events and “a photo-op Donald Trump shared with the President at the Trump Towers in New York.” One entry is a copy of Trump’s Art of the Dealbook inscribed to Bill Clinton aide Mark Middleton.

The “Donald J. Trump Collection” at the Clinton Library stands as proof that the billionaire businessman is willing to say anything, or register as anything, to further his business interests.  Or perhaps his run for the GOP presidential nomination is designed to sabotage the party’s prospects in November and make Hillary Clinton look good by comparison.

Trump could have run as a Democrat in 2015/2016, but he obviously saw that Hillary Clinton had been picked by party elders and their superdelegates to be the 2016 nominee. Trump denies that Bill Clinton talked him into running, but the suspicion persists. The Washington Post reported that Clinton called Trump in late May, 2015, encouraging Trump “to play a larger role in the Republican Party.”

Senator Ted Cruz and his campaign organization understand the stakes, and have moved forcefully in Colorado and other states to tell the truth about Trump’s Trojan horse campaign for president. They have convinced many delegates, even though technically committed to Trump during the first round of voting at the convention, to cast their votes for a real conservative in subsequent rounds.

Some “conservative” commentators are crying that the “establishment” is trying to thwart “the will of the people” who vote for Trump. But the Republican Party has no obligation to destroy itself in order to accommodate a billionaire businessman who puts the party behind his own demands for personal loyalty from his followers.

Some might say that if a political party can’t protect itself from a hijacking by an outside billionaire businessman with close ties to Moscow, then it isn’t worthy of being considered part of the American two-party political system.

“Eric and Ivanka Trump won’t be eligible to vote for their father in the closed Republican Party primary after missing the deadline to register with a political party,” ABC News reported.

Trump told “Fox and Friends” that “They were unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time. So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

Unaware of the rules? Didn’t their Dad, an alleged Republican, tell them? Didn’t they give his race as a “Republican” enough consideration to think that, since Dad registered as a Republican, they should, too? Ivanka said during the CNN “Trump Family Town Hall” that she was registered as an independent.

This debacle provides all the evidence you need about the nature of the Trump organization and the Trump campaign.

The fiasco demonstrates that there is nothing “Republican” about Trump running for the Republican presidential nomination. Trump has been not been a Republican most of his life, and he has funneled political contributions to top Democratic elected officials.

A 2011 analysis, before Trump turned his attention to taking over the Republican Party, showed the majority of Trump’s donations going to Democrats.

Since then, of course, he’s been funding the Republican Party and its candidates, even conservative organizations like the American Conservative Union. This was part of the masquerade.

No wonder his kids “forgot” to register as Republicans. It’s not fashionable to be a Republican in New York. Being a Democrat, or a “progressive,” is second-nature to most people in New York. That’s why Senator Cruz refers to Trump’s “New York values.”

Perhaps Ivanka had other things on her mind rather than re-registering as a Republican, such as her Chinese-made scarves being recalled as a “burn risk.”

The revelation about Trump’s kids not showing up to vote for Dad in the New York primary is another indication that the Trump for President organization has nothing to do with making the Republican Party a viable part of the two-party system, capable of defeating the Democrats this fall. Trump could care less whether the Republican Party survives as a vehicle for Reagan-style conservatism.

Although the focus should be on Trump and his motives, he is running around moaning and groaning about the Cruz campaign out-hustling him in Colorado. The outcome in Colorado demonstrates that Cruz and his operatives understand how the Republican Party operates, and that Trump does not.

So why are President Obama and Hillary Clinton attacking Trump? It’s apparent that they view him as a punching bag around which they can gather the Democratic Party base. He generates the conflict that strengthens the Democratic Party and will guarantee a united party in November.

If Trump were to actually win the Republican nomination and become president, it’s questionable whether his policies would be in any sense Republican. Indeed, his foreign policy would be even more pro-Russian than that of Obama and Hillary.

In this regard, the media are slowly but surely telling the truth about The Donald’s love affair with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and exploring his business ties to the Kremlin. Consider some recent headlines:

  • From Russia with love: why the Kremlin backs Trump (Reuters)
  • Trump’s New Russia Adviser Has Deep Ties to Kremlin’s Gazprom (Bloomberg)
  • Russia Hearts Donald Trump (Daily Beast)
  • Trump: “I want to get along with Russia” (Russia Today)

It is also apparent that Trump’s business dealings with Communist China would continue, despite Ivanka’s scarves violating the federal flammability standard.

Harvard professor Robert Lawrence analyzed the entire Ivanka Trump fashion line of shoes, dresses, purses and scarves, and concluded that 628 of the 838 Ivanka products are said to be imported and 354 made specifically in China.

Donald Trump’s own clothing line of suits and ties are also made in China.

However, on his official website for the campaign, Trump says his “Make America Great Again” baseball cap is “proudly made” in the USA. It sells for $30.


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6 thoughts on “Cruz Thwarts Hostile Takeover Of The GOP

  1. So go ahead and vote for snake-in-the-grass (UnTrus)Ted Cruz then, you low information voters and Trevour Loudon can go kiss Ted’s Canadian butthead for all I care!! Do some of your investigation and questions into Cruz then!! Check out his wife’s involvement into the NAU — oh? Never heard of that? North American Union? HAH! How funny that you spew all this hate lingo on Trump yet NEVER have investigated into the REAL CRUZ line, have you? No wonder, Trevour Loudon is a New Zealander, hence his website!? What’s the difference? Canadian, New Zealand….both the same to me. Look up the North American Union and see who’s involved with that….Mrs. Cruz, Heidi, who took a leave of absence from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR – look that up, too), who worked under Condoleeza Rice in the GW Bush administration. Look up Task Force 53….an offshoot of the North American Union…which will merge Mexico, USA and Canada….CANADA! Hmmm…..verrrrry interesting that CRUZ, born in Canada, is VERY INTERESTED in being YOUR President! Not MINE!! Then look up his eligibility while you’re at it! Ohhh, yeah, you CRUZERS will say h’es a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN…by who’s admission? HIS? Yeah, right…his mother’s US born? Doesn’t mean DIDLY SQUAT now! Who ELSE’s mother was born in the US but we still question HIS natural born status, who’s in our WHITE HOUSE NOW?!!! Then read THIS! — I’m a veteran of MY United States of America…took the same oath our politicians take…”to solemnly PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution against ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC” and CRUZ is a FOREIGN enemy that I’m STILL SWORN, even tho’ I’m a retired veteran, to DEFEND AGAINST and I will COMMIT to defending that oath ’til my dying day! Cruz is nothing but a SNEAK, a SNAKE, A PRETENDER of our Constitution! He’s no “CONSTITUTIONALIST” that he CLAIMS he is! If he is, then ASK HIM THIS QUESTION…WHY did it take you, Senator Cruz, until your ‘mid-life’ years (age 40’s) to FINALLY put in your paperwork to be a NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN by May of 2014? And along with that, admittedly, he was NOT A U.S. CITIZEN when he was ELECTED as a U.S. SENATOR!!! SO he was a CANADIAN, ILLEGAL CITIZEN of the United States and was ELECTED a U.S. SENATOR??!!! Seems that the dummies of Texas elected themselves a Canadian over anyone who was a U.S. born citizen to be their U.S. Senator!!! I WILL NOT VOTE for some “LYIN’ TED” in this respect at all!! #NEVERCRUZ is MY commitment to my OATH To the United States of America and I will be BOUND to keep that same OATH! Go ahead, idiots, vote yourself ANOTHER FOREIGNER as was done in 2008 and 2012 again! You’ll be seeing your AMERICA being TORN apart into the FACTIONS of a CRUZ PRESIDENCY and turn it into the NORTH AMERICAN UNION and all your Constitutional RIGHTS will be revoked and no more will you ever be able to GET THEM BACK!!!! Low-information voters…….can’t trust ’em, can’t live with ’em!!

  2. It is quite distressing to me to see how so many of my fellow Tea Party patriots are duped into backing Trump for the GOP nomination. Have we learned nothing from the last 8 years? Conservatism is meaningless without values and principles.

  3. Trevor, I like your articles, but this one does not provide enough clear solid points to sell your theory that Trump is a Trojan horse in the GOP. I believe he is a Trojan horse due to his progressive policies, and that he is trying to take over the Republican party. What you should be exposing is his fake “bring jobs back to the U.S.” mantra, when both he and his wife’s clothing line are made in China and Mexico. And his fake immigration policy, when he employs illegal aliens to work at his hotels and build his towers. And his staff who are bullies and thugs who act like the mob. At the very least you could say that Trump wants to create progressive quarters within the conservative party, which is antithetical. And finally, is Trump so progressive that he welcomes communist ideals from China and Russia?

    1. I believe good ole common sense if you just let yourself think about this you will draw the same conclusion.

  4. I have believed from the beginning that Trump was a democratic operative. He talks like a democrat, his divisive talk and attitude is like so many Democrats in te past 8 YEARS. Forget about bringing hundreds and thousands of illegals into the country to turn into Democrats. All I Need is Another charismatic Democrat to sway the public

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