FAKE! Reince rigging voting machines so Trump gets below 50% during #NYPrimary

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“It is interesting to me that in every primary or caucus where Ted Cruz won, we have certified, proven, sworn evidence of massive voter fraud.” – Trump surrogate Roger Stone blatantly lying about voter fraud. Stone is calling for massive demonstrations at the Republican convention in Cleveland in July.  Stone also threatened to disclose hotel names and room numbers of pro-Cruz delegates. 

Donald Trump warned that his supporters would respond with “riots” if he fails to secure the nomination at July’s convention in Cleveland. “I think you’d have riots, I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.” Donald Trump, March 17, 2016

There is a rumor circulating on social media that chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus is rigging electronic voting machines in New York, ensuring that presidential candidate Donald Trump will get below 50% during the April 19 primary. The lie is so incredibly moronic that one would think it would not gain legs, but it inexplicably has been shared numerous times on social media so we will address it here.

Ridiculous accusations of voter fraud have been ongoing during this horrific presidential campaign by mainly FAKE pro-Trump websites and spread all over social media. Many of these websites promoting themselves as U.S. news organizations are unbelievably based in Macedonia.

Along with the constant blatant lies has been a menacing undertone of what will happen if Donald Trump is denied his rightful place as the Republican presidential nominee, such as the tweet below:

The #NYPrimary lie appears to have started from @umpire43, who obsessively tweets about Trump’s fabulousness, while regularly trashing Trump’s opponents. There are a number of openly pro-Trump liberals on Twitter, and umpire43, or “DJ Lewis” appears to be one of them, as evidenced by his very first tweet:

Evidently this is a running theme:

Interestingly, @umpire43 was featured at TrevorLoudon.com just this week for the following blatant lie in the wake of the Wisconsin Primary:

As far as this most recent rumor, here is the tweet that started it. The lie has since been promoted at the FAKE pro-Trump website Prntly:

Because of NY Primary rules, Ted Cruz would benefit from keeping Trump under 50%. But he is not going to rig voting machines to get there. Instead of dismissing the lie, many fell for it.

The question is how many of these Trump supporters are real people or more likely, paid astroturfers:

Since the bogus accusation that Ted Cruz stole Iowa from Ben Carson, this republican presidential campaign has been filled with lies aimed at Ted Cruz, many of which are debunked here.


Author: renee nal

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12 thoughts on “FAKE! Reince rigging voting machines so Trump gets below 50% during #NYPrimary

  1. Somebody please give a plausible explanation how the exit polls are 100% opposite of the final voting tally

  2. Funny how the Trumpbots are soooooo conservative that if their boy Donnie doesn’t make it, you should inflict Hillary on America.
    Damn these are patriots! /sarc

  3. One way to make sure voter machine is not rigged use your vote my mail ballot and if you don’t want to mail it in hand carry to voterlocation in the sealed envelope and drop in it special voter box.

  4. You (trolls) say there is no way to prove voting machines are rigged, so you tell those of us who doubt the claim of honest elections to ‘kiss off’. Fair enough. I say, prove they are not rigged. Prove it! You can’t because you don’t have a paper ballot and a verifiable voter registration that is checked at the polls. In many states, voter ID is not required. The borders are wide open and driver’s licences are being given away like Muslims distribute candy after a terrorist attack.

    Your argument of honest elections is pathetically specious. For example, some say everything about Obama’s citizenship, birth, social security, selective service and college education are fraudulent. I don’t know one way or the other. However, you denigrate and mock them, labeling them ‘birthers’. Yet you can’t or won’t prove either the man’s eligibility or disprove any of the other claims. It is YOU who denounce those who are suspicious that are the still-born bastards of our growing lawless culture. Why? Because if voter fraud or POTUS ineligibility were not true, you could and would prove it in a heartbeat. As a result, it is your birthright (and your future) that has as much present value as you have given to the US Constitution. The cultural rot has reached both the top and bottom of our culture, which suggests to this old man that our nation is clearly on the trajectory of a gliding anvil. And still you spew venom at those who say, “Wait just a minute. Neither the nomination process nor the votes at the poll are being counted correctly and the delegates are not being distributed honestly or morally.” Conservatives (the real ones) aspire to excellence, initiative, integrity and self reliance – at least they did in my day. Your choice would appear to be the opposite. I wouldn’t want to be part of your future. Remember in the years ahead, you brought it on yourself. Being older than dirt, I don’t have to worry about it. But you should!

  5. They start with the excuses before the first vote is even cast

    Same as they did in other places they thought they might in trouble

    So time consuming and unproductive to have to chase these
    Team Trump false narratives every damn day

  6. Congrats trumpanzees, you’ve supplanted progressives as the most insane pile of idiots in history.

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