Michigan: Let’s Make Refugee Placement Safer And More Transparent


Michigan State Rep. Jim Runestad has introduced legislation to do just that.

Rep. Jim Runestad will be interviewed by John McCulloch


Monday March 28th at 6 PM EASTERN
WDTK 1400 AM 92.7 FM The Patriot
Listen Live online –

Call-in to talk with Rep. Runestad and John – 800-923-9385


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2 thoughts on “Michigan: Let’s Make Refugee Placement Safer And More Transparent

  1. Only the ignorant, the foolish and the wicked–want to resettle Islamic terrorists in America. They are of no value to America–they have no constitutional right to be in America. To the extent they are allowed to be in America–they will cause much harm.

  2. “First We Take Manhatten” (C)

    Already done in fact.

    My Grandpa (“one of those” (C); the Zarist military court was so cruel to dispatch him to one of the very Eastern ends of Euroasia) used to repeat: “we’ll take all of them one day!” (sic)…

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