1 thought on “Lara Logan 2012 BGA Annual Luncheon Keynote Speech

  1. I hear your hopes young lady but his administration would rather apologize and demonize America than to stand up and seek retribution.

    You can’t fight a war with the rules of engagement that are in place.

    You are also wrong about the similarities of this war to Vietnam. We have never had a real plan to win this war and I emphasize win. You are not going to make friends by fighting a war on someone’s soil and we should never consider any diplomacy until the war is ended. Sending kids into battle to be sacrificed by bureaucrats because they are afraid of offending someone is wrong. It is also wrong to trust the Afghans as allies and that is being proven by the body count of our soldiers killed by the Afghans we trained to take over for us.

    This is a no win situation and just like the Russians we will be licking our wounds for years to come. We should leave this place as a burnt cinder so horrific that it would be a testament of our resolve to those that want to harm the US by terror.

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