Left-wing Miami Herald endorses Rubio because he not ‘an extremist like Ted Cruz’

Marco Rubio via Conservative Review
Marco Rubio via Conservative Review

The Miami Herald’s left-wing editorial board endorsed presidential candidate Marco Rubio as the best Republican choice for their readers because he has “support among party leaders” and while Rubio has ramped up his conservative rhetoric during an election year, he may soften his views after his election and after all, Rubio is not “an extremist like Ted Cruz.”

In other words, Rubio is malleable.

The “news” paper opines that Rubio is the “best candidate to unite GOP” although they “disagree” with Rubio’s positions on “abortion, gun control, Obamacare, climate change, diplomacy with Cuba, and have frowned upon his frequent absences in the Senate.”

Indeed, the Herald continues say that although they disagree with Rubio,

“Still, he does not occupy the same extremist terrain proudly claimed by Sen. Ted Cruz. He has not led fights to shut down the government, accused his party’s leader in the Senate of working for the other side, or vowed to ‘carpet bomb’ anyone.”

Additionally, the board reminds, Marco Rubio has “support among party leaders and the faithful [i.e., Republican establishment] makes him the best choice to unite a fractured GOP.”

The left-wing editorial board is choosing Marco Rubio because he is not Ted Cruz. A damning endorsement from the Miami Herald indeed.



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