#LoudonClear: Trevor and ‘Jimmy from Brooklyn’ discuss Agents of Influence


Back by popular demand, Jimmy from Brooklyn once again joined Trevor Loudon on LoudonClear. Tonight, the guys discussed radical influence operators.

Listen to the disturbing revelations about how black Americans and students are targets, as well as how Americans perceive Islam is a direct result of these agents of influence.

Who is behind all this? Communists, of course!



Author: renee nal

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2 thoughts on “#LoudonClear: Trevor and ‘Jimmy from Brooklyn’ discuss Agents of Influence

  1. Hooray !!!
    I used to listen to Bob Grant – just to hear Jimmy from Brooklyn.

    but here is some background reading:
    TOO BAD FOR COMMIES that Yeltsin opened the Soviet Archives::

    ** Engineering Communism – How two americans spied for stalin and founded the soviet Silicon Valley.
    Steven T. Usdin; (Yale University Press, 2005) (re Barr & Sarant)
    >> you thought it was just the Bomb ? Nope – they stole EVERYTHING !
    * The Secret World of American Communism, Klehr, Haynes, Firsov; (Yale U, 1995)
    * The Soviet World of American Communism, Klehr, Haynes, Anderson, (Yale U, 1998)
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    >> see the chapter on what PHILBY was doing for the NKVD
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    >> the left blabbers about blacklists – guess who was blacklisting actors !
    >> and the Script Readers Guild was sending scripts to the CPUSA ‘cultural commissar’ for approval.
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    >> check out The Frankfurt School – MARCUSE, ADORNO, et al

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