Ramping it up at #Mizzou: Black students advised to ‘arm themselves’


The Young America’s Foundation “exclusively obtained a private message from students at the University of Missouri” advising peers to “arm themselves with tasers and pepper spray.” Also, TheBlaze reported that black students are being advised by peers and on social media to get weapons, presumably to protect themselves against vague, unsubstantiated hate crimes.

For background read: Radical Students Take Missouri University Hostage: Issue Demands; Oust President [Video] From the YAF article:

“…a group of students will be gathering to form a ‘safe place’ and intend to protect it with ‘non-lethal weapons’ throughout the course of the day. ‘Black students and [their] closest allies at Mizzou are encouraging their peers to arm themselves with tasers and pepper spray.’…”

Here is the image captured, which was “…sent earlier this morning and disseminated through private Facebook groups and text messages in order to deliberately avoid public exposure…”

Image via YAF
Image via YAF

As pointed out at theBlaze, “Students and supporters on social media have also called for black students to arm themselves while on campus.”   Mizzou1 But the incidents that have led up to the insanity are highly questionable. Back in September, University of Missouri Student Body President Payton Head “reported that people shouted racial slurs at him from a passing pickup truck, galvanizing the protest movement.” There was also a completely unsubstantiated account of a feces swastika.  Today, it was reported that Payton Head further posted about the Ku Klux Klan being on campus, then deleted the post: 


It is clear that someone wants trouble. Hopefully the majority of students will see through the insanity.


Author: renee nal

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7 thoughts on “Ramping it up at #Mizzou: Black students advised to ‘arm themselves’

    1. You sound like one of those stirring it up?..or you are the dumbest person out there. Where are these hateful attitudes coming from?

  1. So, this is what they are teaching at Colleges these days? What a bunch of total B.S.! Keep stirring it, people, your just bringing the disgust of your fellow human beings down upon yourselves. The “School” here has failed miserably, they need to get back to the basics, like start with the Constitution, and Respect, ( which needs to be EARNED), Love of your Country, and how about stop thinking your the only important thing on this planet? The Liberal approach has demonstrated their Failings, and they need to back off and re-think the world in the eyes of others, not just their own skewed viewpoint.

  2. Wouldn’t the “Swastika of feces” be much more offensive to the Jewish students than the Black students? Were there any Jewish students involved in the protest? Enquiring minds want to know!

    1. That was my question, as well, Guy. Have never heard of people using swastikas against black people before – basically only against Jewish people. And there is no record of anyone reporting actually seeing said swastika. None of these claims have been verified as having actually happened.

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