Patriots respond harshly to House Freedom Caucus’ support of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan with his buddy John Boehner via Yahoo News
Paul Ryan with his buddy John Boehner via Yahoo News

The House Freedom Caucus’ support for Paul Ryan’s “highly-conditional bid for House speaker” has left patriots perplexed, with the vast majority of comments on the announcement posted on Facebook decidedly negative.

“Don’t do it. Just don’t cave now…” said Brooke McGowan, Executive Director of Concerned Christians For America. “Why are you not hearing your supporters and constituents???” lamented conservative talk show host Doc Thompson. “PAUL RYAN is sellout Progressive!” he continued.

As reported at Breitbart, Ryan is a fan of amnesty for illegal immigrants and has even “smeared his own constituents who oppose large-scale immigration, and suggested that their aversion to the Ryan-Rubio ‘New America’ vision is fueled by ‘ignorance.'”

Another commenter summed up the author’s feelings:

You all might trust him, but I sure don’t. His votes are not representative of someone who has any intention of limiting government. Terribly, terribly disappointed. I hope you’ll share the names of the politicians who supported Ryan, and the Constitutional conservatives who didn’t.

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham took exception to Ryan’s conditions, tweeting:

It is unclear why the House Freedom Caucus exists if they ultimately bow to the establishment, such as in the case of the devastating opinion of the “supermajority” to “support Paul Ryan’s bid to become the next Speaker of the House,” as posted on Facebook.

Referring vaguely to the wannabe-Boehner replacement as a “policy entrepreneur,” the House Freedom Caucus gave no specifics about what it was that enamors them about Ryan, but noted that Ryan “…has promised to be an ideas-focused Speaker who will advance limited government principles and devolve power to the membership…”

Another commenter said in part: “If the Freedom Caucus caves, who is left for us?…”

Tell the House Freedom Caucus how you feel about it on Twitter and Facebook.

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18 thoughts on “Patriots respond harshly to House Freedom Caucus’ support of Paul Ryan

  1. NO to and NO RESPECT for paul ryan.. he is another RINO…….. WE DO NOT NEED HIS SLIMMY ASS KISSING BUTT FOR SPEAKER…….

  2. Paul Ryan is a Marxist democrat with an R behind his name. He is not a Biblical Christian, nor is he an American conservative, he is establishment. This was apparent to me when he was selected to run with Romney.

  3. Conservatives..Are we again being put down by the Rinos & the establishment within the party? We object to Paul Ryan being supported by a so called Conservative group! We object to anyone who is recommended by Harry Reid are Louize Gutierrez! Wake Up America!
    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party!

  4. Listen to WE the People for a change we want real conservatives please do as we ask. We dont want Paul Ryan he does not represent our best interest and is not what we need to help clean up Obama’s mess. He will just add to an already very bad immigration problem and he is to soft ie left wing. No Ryan!!!

  5. Quote: “We must be ever willing to negotiate differences, but equally mindful that there are American ideals that cannot be compromised. This will mean compromise, but not a compromise of basic principle.”
    ~US President Ronald Reagan~

    When the most radical (unbeknownst to many) leftwing Republican in the House of Representatives- Paul Ryan says he demands total loyalty to him to accept the Speakership, and wants to tear down the very foundation procedure and process in the Congressional U.S. House of Representatives that Thomas Jefferson himself put in place in the People’s House to secure the people’s voice, let alone having Luis Gutierrez and Harry Reid endorse him-aka kiss of death endorsements, then you know Paul Ryan must never be Speaker of the House, period !!

    Make no mistake about it- this fight is not Republicans vs Democrats, this fight is the Corrupt Permanent Political Ruling Class Establishment on both sides of the political aisle Vs We the People.

  6. I have twice called my Representative to ask him to support Daniel Webster who is SUPPOSED to be who the Freedom Caucus supports, and NOW you cave and come out for Paul Ryan?? Is it the same Ryan that Luis Gutierrez just loves? The same Ryan that Harry Reid endorsed? The kingly man who insists that he will do what he wants for family time & says you must change the rules so he can’t be unseated???? THAT RYAN?? This kind of crap is why we are dealing with Donald Trump! Get your heads back on, boys…..either stick with Webster or draft Newt Gingrich. AND BE THERE TO VOTE ON THE 29th. WE WILL BE WATCHING…if you vote for Ryan or hide at home or in the cloak room…there will be an uprising to retire you from your cushy jobs!

    1. No one should forget his demand that he can never be ousted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dictatorship from the president as well as the house leader! That single request should be the proof of the treason that is going further than it has already! Founding fathers curse us all for not saving liberty!

  7. Why are Conservative Republican’s not listened to?

    I guess winning the House in 2010 @ the senate in
    2014 didn’t get your attention..

    OK, WE will begin clean house, next up, McConnell, then
    YOU next.

      1. We are not surprise over the media preference for Hillary Clinton because that is what they do. But we are disjointed in the Republicans who keep pretending to be different by calling themselves conservative when they are not.

        The people voting in Wisconsin will speak for all of the American people when they vote against Paul Ryan out of Congress in 2016. Putting a end to the Washington DC establishment determination to continue the Bush and Clinton politics at last.

        And when the American people elect a new honest sheriff the lying and corruption from these Bush & Clinton politic has no statutes of limitations. That will be held accountable over the way these double crossing people ran our US Government.

      2. We can hope that Ryan will respect the wishes of representatives, but there is only one reason that bohner cried into Ryan’s beer to get him to run, and DONT FORGET Obama prayed to Baal everynight that Ryan would except running for speaker, why? Not because the fascist traitors want Ryan to restore order, but rather that Ryan will obviously continue with the downfall/enslavment agenda the same as cheeto! The Bill of Rights is inate rights. But the downfall is about creating permamant classes, whereby the elites and politiciens, judges and the paid propagandists are allowed to excersize their liberty and the rest of Americans, liberty is illegal! What do I mean by this? Paul Ryan gets to keep his firearms but the rest of Americans don’t! Ryan will not support any measures to strip Obama of his ability to claim executive orders that destroy ammo availability and/or affordability. Paul Ryan won’t stop jihadi single’s club from being sent into North America in droves at the behest of the GOPe and Democrats in the US, and Justin Trudea wanting to create an islamist sharia majority in Cananda!
        People of North America, your liberty is yours to uphold! All the beurocrats have failed in representing liberty, or outright want to enslave all of you!

    1. First and foremost, it is necessary to understand a couple of very basic facts:
      1. The “conservatives” are widely outnumbered by the RINOs. Just over 40 out of 243 are “conservative” members of the Freedom Caucus. Their power is not to be the ability to choose a speaker, rather, they hold a veto through the ability to vacate the chair and deny a Caucus majority of 218.
      2. The lure of campaign donations, the vast majority coming from interested groups who are dependent upon government spending, is great and, by definition of conservatism and the notion of limited, frugal government, unavailable to the conservatives who actually vote conservatively. This would be because they are not offering to spend enough to make these outside influences as richly rewarded by the treasury as they would like. Conservatism is not profitable to politicians.

      We helped Republicans take control by our mid term turn outs but, you have to remember that most Republicans are just “R”s because they’re not “D”s, many in northern states would have been “D”s if they could have won the primary there. In very blue states, there are a good number of Republicans that are Democrats by our standards. Twenty years ago, they would have won Democrat nominations.

      I hope that sheds some light.

    2. Everyone needs to understand the cornerstone of complete enslavement is Trans Pacific Partnership that will be passed with Paul Ryan. The secert room talks with freedom cacaus cowards were about getting Ryan in no matter what, and they possibly had their lives threatened to support Ryan! Why is Ryan the choice? Because Ryan wrote TPP! This is where Ryan and Obama are the same! TPP is the end of America! Its over with TPP that will be ratified very very soon!

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