#VVS15: Jeb Bush earns just 7 votes at Value Voters Summit straw poll

Photo Source: Daily Beast
Photo Source: Daily Beast

Despite support from gazillionaires and annoyingly blatant favoritism from Fox News, Jeb Bush came in twelfth place in the presidential straw poll Saturday at the annual Values Voter Summit in Washington with seven votes. Bush received only two more votes than big “C” communist Bernie Sanders, who actually received five votes.

Ted Cruz won by a landslide, doubling the votes of number two choice neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

The candidates who received less votes than Jeb Bush include Chris Christie (4), Lindsey Graham (4), Joe Biden (1), and Hillary Clinton (1).

The results are hardly surprising, as the Center for Responsive Politics reported that 93% of Bush’s campaign funds are from large donors, while Ted Cruz only receives 58% of his funding from large donors. Small individual contributions are a striking illustration of grassroots support.

Although Jeb Bush enjoys virtually no support from grassroots conservatives, Fox News has consistently propped up the failed candidate. In fact, Dick Morris recently said what many alert Americans already realized:

Let me say one thing that hasn’t been said before on TV but I’m going to say it. Fox News is in the tank for Bush.

Fox News article discussing the Values Voter Summit results further cements Fox’s obvious disdain for constitutional conservative Ted Cruz. The author fails to even mention Jeb Bush’s dismal showing at the Values Voters Summit and clearly seeks to diminish Ted Cruz’s win, saying:

The first-term senator is among the most conservative in the 2016 GOP White House field. However, his polls numbers are among the lowest…

Here is the breakdown of the results:

    1. Ted Cruz 408 votes, or 35%
    2. Ben Carson 204 votes, or 18%
    3. Mike Huckabee 166 votes, or 14%
    4. Marco Rubio 148 votes, or 13%
    5. Donald Trump 56 votes, or 5%
    6. Rick Santorum 47 votes, or 4%
    7. Carly Fiorina 40 votes, or 3%
    8. Bobby Jindal 31 votes, or 3%
    9. Rand Paul 19 votes, or 2%
    10. Write In Candidate 11 votes, or 1%
    11. John Kasich 8 votes, or 1%
    12. Jeb Bush 7 votes, or 1%
    13. Bernie Sanders 5 votes, or 0%
    14. Chris Christie 4 votes, or 0%
    15. Lindsey Graham 4 votes, or 0%
    16. Joe Biden 1 vote, or 0%
    17. Hillary Clinton 1 vote, or 0%
    18. Jim Webb 1 vote, or 0%

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4 thoughts on “#VVS15: Jeb Bush earns just 7 votes at Value Voters Summit straw poll

  1. Jeb Bush begging: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me to be president, it’s my turn. Jeb says his wife would support a presidential run and now so does his mother, but right thinking Americans do NOT. Jeb supports Amnesty and thinks it’s great to speak to the illegals in Spanish. So much for assimilation and learning to speak English. Jeb Bush supports Common Core, which is not education, but INDOCTRINATION. Jeb Bush supports the hoax of climate change and is supportive of a carbon tax.As for the right to keep and bear arms is a God-given, natural right, not a right bestowed upon the people by the government. Now Jeb Bush wants to get rid of the Confederate battle flag, because he says it’s racist. I guess Jeb Bush forgot he said he would strive to be like Lyndon Johnson. So, like LBJ, is Jeb saying he wants to “Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic (or in his case Republican) For The Next 200 Years?” Some people may consider that to be racist. Why did Jeb Bush speak at CPAC, a Conservative convention? Jeb Bush claimed that deportation is “not an American value.” Apparently, Jeb does not know as president you take an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution and to enforce the law. That statement should disqualify him to be president as it shows he will violate his oath and not do his job. Now we learn Jeb Bush supports the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood. Jeb Bush is NO Conservative. Jeb Bush is no Reagan. Jeb Bush is a PHONY! This country does not need an Establishment RINO running for president. Do us all a favor Jeb, STFU and get off the stage.

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